Automotive Technician Shortage: How Is It Good For A Career?

An Automotive technician is an expert at identifying issues or faults in vehicles’ mechanical or electrical parts. The automotive industry is increasing in the decade, requiring more Automotive technicians and rising to vague heights in the future.

This industry can prove to be a great and satisfactory job provider because of this crucial growth. Therefore, individuals who would love to work as automotive technicians in the future should join automotive training institutes. That will provide you with the necessary expertise.

They can themselves make huge profits and learn new skills from real-life experience. For example, automotive trade schools provide auto mechanic certification if you get into their automobile repairing program.

Automotive training institutions provide automobile repair training for over six to eight months and help you receive an auto mechanic certification, which becomes a testament to your prowess and skills.

Assessing The Industry’s Growth: What Does The Shortage Hold

There has been an ever-deepening shortage of auto mechanics in the industry. Many pieces of research and reports point towards it. The demand is strong, with 642,000 auto/diesel techs sought between 2020 and 2024.

Forgetting one’s business to an extreme high, an employer requires skilled workers. And their shortage could mean a great hindrance to the project. Moreover, with the use of technology increasing in every industry, the auto technicians needed to compensate for the shortage.

This means they should be skilled and adapted to the technological changes that have taken over this automotive business. The shortage is basically due to technological advancements and technicians not having enough skills to get through this technology outbreak.

There has also been a change in the requirements of this industry, from an age where there used to be just the Chevrolet Monte Carlo on the roads. Instead, we have entered into times when we crave complex and highly advanced machines, cars, and vehicles.

These complex machines need workers who have experience and knowledge to work and handle advanced technology. Thus successfully satiate the current market’s desires.

This shortage gives technology geeks a perfect opportunity to take over the industry. And fill this shortage gap with their skill set and their love to work with this advanced technology.

According to, “The skilled labor shortage is being exacerbated by increased vehicle complexity, which is requiring a higher skill set by automotive technicians. And, in turn, is putting upward pressure on salary packages offered to qualified technicians.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that automotive service technicians are expected to grow by about 6% between 2016 and 2026.

According to Jennifer Maher, TechForce CEO, “Although the demand is strong, with 642,000 auto/diesel/collision techs needed between 2020 and 2024, the shortage continues to worsen.”

the solution!

The Solution!

The current education-pursuing strategy of these passionate individuals needs a change, instead of getting into a 4-year college and then joining the automotive industry with little advancement know-how.

The students should first realize what the industry demands and what it would demand five years after. Instead, they should get into certified automotive trade schools. Plus, receive advanced auto technician training for over a year or even as little as six months.

Educating the industry on what the industry demands and needs. This will produce individuals with extreme knowledge of these real-life situations and needs. Going straight into an automotive trade school and learning skills will help you in your future career.

How To Become A Certified Auto Mechanic: One That The Industry Really Needs?

certified auto mechanic

The first step is to get a high school degree or an equivalent GED certificate. Followed by automotive technician training from an automotive training institute and an auto mechanic certification done in electronics, hands-on automotive repair, or computers.

The usefulness of such automotive technician training is that you would know about the basics of functioning. And the maintenance of vehicles in a more professional and practical, and technologically advanced manner.  These automotive repair technician schools work on these advancements and are ready to instill them in their graduates.

An automotive technician program would ensure the required professional skills that an auto mechanic in this current shortage must-have.

At automotive repair technician institutes, students perform world-class quality. Auto repairs and secure and retain employment in the automotive repair field. The automotive program prepares students to pass the ASE Certification test for further studies.

The next step would be to get employer training which usually takes about a couple of months.

Philadelphia Technician Training Institute provides you with a 6-months trade program that is just right for your future industry.

The market size of the Auto Mechanics industry is expected to increase by 3.2% in 2021. Skilled automotive technicians are in high demand in the US amidst the current shortage. Only pursuing certified auto mechanic training would help tackle the current situation and produce more skilled individuals.

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