Top States with HIGH paying Salary for Automotive Technicians

Skilled trade jobs have become popular. For example, an automotive Technician works on repairing and maintaining automobiles like cars and trucks. It is the perfect trade to advance your love for automobiles.

An Automotive Technician works in different settings; they may work indoors or outdoors or in diverse workplace settings such as repair shops, vehicle agencies, dealerships, etc. The Automotive Technician trade provides abundant opportunities and a great career outlook. The increasing population in the U.S and its increasing demand for vehicles have boosted employment in the trade.  An Auto Technician training is required for extensive knowledge and skills to perform the tasks properly. Enrollment in Automotive Technician Programs is advised to students to reap the maximum benefits in the trade as employers prefer certified Automotive Technicians.

Top highest paying Automotive Technician salaries in the U.S.

1. District of Columbia
Average Salary: $63,290
Columbia offers a vibrant culture and workspace; the city is filled with work opportunities and exciting job offers. The city has the highest median annual wages for Automotive Technicians. The work setting in the town can vary from automobile shops to automobile agencies.

2. New Jersey
Average Salary: $52,450
New Jersey offers splendid opportunities for Automotive Technicians with large industries present providing skilled jobs for technicians. In addition, New Jersey is a charming part of the state with its rich culture and east coast states nearby.

3. Alaska
Average Salary: $52,010
Alaska’s economy highly depends on various industries such as agriculture, mining, and timber, etc. In addition, Automotive Technicians in Alaska are often employed in the agriculture sector due to farm equipment maintenance and farm equipment repair.

4. Colorado
Average Salary: $49,700
Colorado has extensive industries that support the employment of Automotive Technicians. As a result, Automotive Technicians are easily accommodated as they are required for various services such as servicing automobiles and maintaining automobiles.

5. Hawaii
Average Salary: $49,530
Hawaii is a nature abode and a dream place to work with its natural beauty and serene environment. Hawaii can offer great opportunities as an Automotive Technician. Hawaii has a good automobile network, and people value the importance of automobiles in great shape.

6. Connecticut
Average Salary: $48,960
Connecticut is known for its rich rural-urban culture; its economy depends on agriculture, marine fishing, manufacturing, etc. Therefore, it is an excellent place for Automotive Technicians who enjoy working here

7. Washington
Average Salary: $48,510
Washington is an economically stable state with a large number of employment opportunities. Automotive Technicians can easily find a job anywhere as a starter or at a high position like a master certified technician.

8. Virginia
Average Salary: $47,460
Virginia can be named the automobile hub with the largest Volvo truck assembly plant in the country and the world. It is endowed with all the dimensions of the automotive industry and provides immense opportunities.

9. Wyoming
Average Salary: $47,400
Wyoming offers excellent career opportunities for Automotive Technicians as it accommodates a large number of technical workers. Moreover, Wyoming is blessed with nature’s best, and it is a popular tourist hotspot.

10. Maryland
Average Salary: $47,160
Some of the leading automobile companies are present in Maryland, which offers a great deal to Automotive Technicians. In addition, Maryland has a rich historical background; it is a home away from home with its rich food and culture.

How to become an Automotive Technician?

Hands-on automotive technician training

Generally, you require a high school degree or an equivalent such as a GED certificate. In addition, an Automotive Technician must know the fundamentals of subjects such as chemistry, physics, and maths. Students should enroll in Automotive Technician courses instead of joining on-the-job training directly after high school. The Automotive Technician programs provide all the skills and knowledge to perform the tasks efficiently. Also, it enhances credibility, and students quickly get handsome salaries. There are some excellent Automotive Technician courses in Philadelphia.

How much is the employability of an Automotive Technician?

The demand for Automotive Technicians is due to the increasing population and need for automobiles. The demand for automobiles has led to the development of the industry. However, installing automobile plants is not enough to meet the market’s demands. The increased number of vehicles on the road increases the need for Automotive Technicians. According to the BLS, $44,050 was the average salary of Automotive Technicians in May 2020.

How long does it take to become an Automotive Technician?

Automotive technician training workshop

It entirely depends on the educational route you take and on the job, training employee gets a job without any formal education and learns the trade on the job, but it takes them so many years to reach a higher level. On the other hand, students who enroll in Automotive Technician programs take up to a few years or months to learn skills and expertise before grabbing good-paying jobs. Employers also prefer candidates with formal training as they are more reliable, expert, and efficient.


The Automotive Technician trade is rising due to an increasing number of motor vehicles in the country. As a result, the BLS presents a positive trade picture with an upward trend and a decent average salary. However, students must master a skilled trade in uncertain economic times to survive the job crunch created by the covid19 pandemic.

Students must remember to enroll themselves in Automotive Technician training programs to gain skills and expertise that enhance their job profile and place them in high-paying jobs compared to unskilled labor. Joining a trade school is the way to go!

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