Welding Technology Careers You Didn’t Know Of!

Welding as a career offers a student the option to study on the job while earning money as a welder. Indeed, this skilled trade is sure to bring significant developments to a nation. For example, if you wish to work as a solderer, knowing all the requirements and procedures may be essential. Based on your country’s competence, a welder can then excel in this career field.

What Are A Few Things One Needs To Know About Welding?

A good certification in such welding training programs can help you get quite a high-paying position. Besides, it is also important to realize that welding isn’t as easy as it looks. However, welding is not a career that everybody can pursue. You will need to adjust to many strenuous situations.

Apart from that, one might even have to address proper precautions while working in hazardous environments. There are many jobs in welding today. Therefore, hands-on training and an advanced level of practical knowledge become essential when seeking a job in the welding industry.

Another aspect of this career field is the income or the salary that a solderer earns. This salary or wage can change depending on your experience level, region, as well as your level of expertise. Thus, enrolling in a certified welding course can help you know all the pros and cons of such an industry. Besides, you may even be able to attain some of the most advanced managerial positions when seeking a job.

What Are Some Of The Best Careers In Welding?

Once you have completed your course of study, you can then begin exploring all the incoming opportunities. Consider looking for advertisements or browse for opportunities on the internet that seem to suit our level of expertise.

Today, many recruiters usually shortlist individuals that can demonstrate proper working knowledge in their core field. You might even have to showcase your competency in brief, considering your work background. Indeed, a career path in different types of welding can help you stay on track when aiming for a fruitful future!

Sometimes, a student’s level of expertise can also be judged based on their resume. Thus, make sure to keep your resume quite polished but not too long. Most recruiters usually want welders that have an apprenticeship program. Indeed, welding is such a vast career that one may end up finding an infinite number of opportunities.

In addition, the salaries are also quite impressive. Today, many successful students work in high-paying cities, including powelton Village, north Philadelphia, South Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, and North Philadelphia east. Thus, a few career opportunities in the following welding types are available!


This type of soldering is most commonly seen in the automotive or automobile industry, mainly when repairing car exhausts. You might also find similar careers in the construction industry. Indeed, MIG Welding is one of the most common soldering types.

The careers in this sector are associated with high salaries and other competitive benefits. An electrode is usually made use of as a continuous wire. You might also have to deal with an inactive gas mixture to keep the pollutants away while welding!


This type of soldering usually makes use of an electrical arc. TIG soldering also uses clean tungsten electrodes. It is no doubt that tungsten is indeed a resistant metal. It will not burn nor melt.

One may also be able to witness fusion in TIG welding. An external gas supply is also occasionally used.

The aerospace industry and other manufacturing environments are just a few of the industries when one may find TIG Welding. Currently, the demand for a TIG welder is usually relatively high!


One of the significant benefits of this type of welding is the overall mobility of the stick used. This type of welding is common in the construction, plumbing, or manufacturing industries.

A detachable, as well as a mobile electrode, is most commonly used. As the rod degrades during welding, the external layer melts. This way, the material is protected from various gases in the weld zone. If you decide to pursue a welding career, you can easily make a six-figure salary!


This welding technique is quite similar to MIG Welding. Thus, both types make sure of a continuous long cable attached to an electric power supply. The operator uses a flux barrier to act as a shield.

Hollow devices that have significant flux are most commonly introduced into the weld pool. This type of welding can be seen in the engineering world to solder heavy machinery and other materials.


Is A Technical College Expensive?

Welding training at a welding technical college is not at all expensive. Besides, the overall certification program only costs around $19,000 in general. Apart from that, you can also apply for scholarships and other bursaries to avail maximum benefits.

Another interesting fact about joining a welding school is that you can work during study. Thus, by enrolling in an apprenticeship program, you can earn quite a decent amount and pay off your debts. Thus, indeed, you must probably not give this a second thought and opt for welding programs today!


It is most important for you to realize that welding is required in almost every industry. Besides, as a welder, you are not only fulfilling your duties but also serving the nation. Many new jobs are constantly emerging from the welding industry.

In fact, one may expect an overall employment rise of about 8 percent up till 2030. If you want to reach great heights, consider enrolling in a welding certification program today. It is a guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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