What Are The Highest Paying Trade Jobs?

Trade jobs are a lucrative career option compared to regular 4-year college programs. This is because getting a job is guaranteed right after getting a certification in the skilled trade of your choice from one of the top trade schools in the US. And the best part is that trade school programs have a concise duration, from as short as six months to 12 months long, plus a student can get the best paying trade jobs. And skilled trade is counted under the highest paying trade jobs as well. So let’s look at some of the highest paying trade jobs with different trade skills that one can do to get a great career in the field of choice as a tradesman.

Career as an Automotive Repair Technician

highest paying trade jobs

The automotive industry is hugely well-paying, and the work is inspiring. Far more so for car enthusiasts. As an automotive repair technician, if you are a car enthusiast who loves working on vehicles, getting to understand how they work, fix, repair, and modify according to your wishes and doing new, exciting, and innovative things with your vehicles, playing around with their functional boundaries, you will love the training and certification process for becoming an automotive repair technician.

The best part is that, as a skilled and certified automotive repair technician, you can either work in the industry with the best paying trade jobs or experience the fantastic cars and technologies in the making. Or you can open up a business of your own to do things your way and make a name for yourself. The freedom to do new innovative things is boundless in this profession. Exciting enough, as that is, you get to earn $39,510 on average annually as a beginner with a growth rate of 1.7% in the industry. And with a business of your own, there is no cap on the money you can make. Even in the industry, over 160,000 workshops and establishments make $115 billion in revenue and are always looking for trained and certified professionals to provide an excellent, stable, and secure career.

All this is exciting and challenging work, and it may seem daunting too. But rest assured that as little as six months of training under the supervision of industry experts in one of the top tech schools will give you so much confidence and skills with hands-on training and theoretical knowledge to make a successful career out of your passion for cars.

Plumbing/Pipefitting Jobs

paying trade jobs

Plumbing and Pipefitting jobs are other examples of well-paying jobs that one can get with professional training courses. They are skilled trades that one can learn for a meaningful career and give one opportunity for growth in the industry. For example, the annual average salary for plumbers is $55,160, while the average yearly wage for pipefitters is $62,417 in the US.

Plumbing and pipefitting are two different specializations of similar work. They are different according to the setting and nature of the materials they are applied to. To be precise, plumbers work on pipes that carry water, household waste, and sewage, while pipefitters work on pipes that carry fuels, oil, high-pressure steam, and chemicals. Therefore, plumbers typically work in households and apartments, building complexes, shopping arcades, and similar settings. On the other hand, pipefitters usually work in specific industrial settings that deal with pipes that carry these different materials.

Training for a career as a plumber or pipefitter can be completed in 6 months, complete with certification and, most importantly, the skills and hands-on training. In a plumbing trade school, top industry experts will train you in the career of choice and give you the knowledge to become a sought-after professional in the industry. The growth opportunities are great, and you can have a sustainable career as a plumber or pipefitter.

Jobs and Opportunities in Construction

Jobs in the construction industry

The construction industry requires a lot of labor-intensive work that is well-paying, creative, and satisfying. Many jobs in construction require practical work experience, hands-on training, deep understanding, and a creative eye. Likewise, the pay for jobs in construction varies with the kind of work and experience of a construction technician. For example, as a bricklayer, one can earn about $51,204 annually. And as a certified mason, the annual average salary can be about $46,500. These figures go up as a construction technician gains more experience and knowledge.

Jobs in construction are growing. As the economy opens up and things get back to normal, construction work also gains speed. As a result, the need for construction technicians with different job profiles and certifications is on the rise. Businesses and industries always require skilled professionals to complete their building projects—what better way than employing certified construction technicians. With training and certification from one of the top tech schools in the US, you can get better and brighter opportunities worldwide in the career of your choice. You can truly build your career as a construction technician and make a stable and sustainable future, full of accomplishments that you can take pride in.

Career as Electrical, Manufacturing, and Automation Technician

A career as an electrician is relatively well-paying for trade jobs. The annual median pay of an electrical technician is $56,180, and this figure increases with work experience and advancement in certifications. A technician can earn $49,616 on average annually in the manufacturing industry. And as a certified automation technician, $66,487 is the annual average salary. More experience and hands-on training equate to a higher salary. A career in the electrical, manufacturing and automation industry is very lucrative and is an excellent alternative to a regular 4-year college program to land a well-paying job.

With training in less than six months from a top tech trade school, one can become a certified manufacturing, automation, and electrical technician with excellent career opportunities lined up. The goal of a stable, better, and brighter future with a job that pays well and is honorable is a dream come true for many. Hard work and dedication always pay well.

Jobs in Sterile and Central Processing

Jobs in Sterile and Central Processing

The pandemic has brought the importance of front-line workers in the healthcare industry to the forefront. The value that these doctors, nurses, technicians, and professionals have is now recognized in a new light. Therefore, it is given that opportunities in these fields will keep rising. The jobs in sterile and central processing hold exceptional value in the healthcare setting and are essential in the functioning of the industry. Professionals in sterile and central processing jobs earn $52,000 on average annually, even at the entry level, and of course, this amount increases with experience and higher roles and responsibilities.

As a certified sterile and central processing professional, you will get to work closely with the medical instruments, pieces of equipment, and tools used in the healthcare setting daily. In addition, you will be training on the proper procedures for using these tools and how to handle them. These play a crucial role in the health industry as mistakes can cost damage and even lives in this field.

With training in about eight months, you can become a certified sterile and central processing technician, fulfill your dream of working in the medical community, and make a mark for yourself by serving humanity in the best possible way. With abundant career opportunities in the field, you can make a good living and make society better.

Career Opportunities as a Welding Technician

Welding as a career

Welding as a career is a great choice. Welding is an art as much as it is a technique. Certified professional welders are always in demand. The reason is that welding techniques are used widely in various industries, be it manufacturing, pipefitting, construction, fabrication, automotive industry, and many more. A certified welding technician makes $54,000 to $71,000 at the entry level annually, whereas an experienced welder can earn $100,000 annually.

Training to be a welder can be completed as early as six months from a top welding tech school. Getting a job right after completing the program is almost guaranteed. The nuances of the trade are taught, and with advancements like virtual reality training in welding, the training process is as exciting as the career itself. It is a lucrative career for many who prefer hands-on work over desk jobs and is looking for the best trade school jobs. And the boundless opportunities imply freedom and travel for many welding professionals who want to explore and get more out of their careers. With a career in welding, the future is bright and beautiful.

Why prefer Trade Jobs over Regular College

Trade jobs career

When it comes to securing a job and having a stable career in a short time with little schooling time, it makes sense to prefer a career in trades over regular college degrees. There are many advantages of a career in trade jobs. As mentioned, trade jobs pay well. With a bit of schooling and a guarantee of employment right after graduation, trade jobs seem preferable and more lucrative over regular college education, where jobs are not guaranteed right after graduation. Moreover, regular college education costs a lot more than trade school training. The cost of a trade school program from one of the top trade schools costs one-third of the cost of a regular 4-year college education program. In addition, the dropout rates for colleges are higher than in trade school programs. The vicious loan repayment cycle can be stopped with a well-paying job in trades with which one can repay student loans at the earliest and enjoy life with a good and stable career. The highest paying skilled trades and employment opportunities are growing, with the need for skilled professionals rising in the industry. With these rising demands, skilled and certified professionals get good opportunities; one can especially find the best trade jobs in Philadelphia for having a better and brighter future in a career of their choice.

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