What Are The Highest Paying Welding Jobs?

The preponderance of the welding aspirants ordinarily asks about the best-paying welding jobs. And this question is crucial in deciding whether to opt for this profession or not. Moreover, welding is multifaceted as professionals get training for distinct purposes. Plus, welding jobs have their skill set requirements and training.

Welding seems very difficult but is a rewarding profession for qualified and have hands-on experience. The pay is pretty decent for a basic welder, but it’s not the most lucrative career. However, a yearly salary varies from $30,000 – $60,000, depending on experience.

It is a career that will provide you with a decent life. Still, you won’t be piling on the savings or buying a second home on this salary. But, of course, not everybody aspires to make a lot of money.

Indeed if you already have the skills and want to maximize your earning potential, many jobs in welding can earn you six-figure salaries.

What Are The Qualifications and Certifications You Should Opt

Most welders hold some certification to support their education in the field. However, the welders who earn the highest paychecks usually have the most credentials. Not only numbers, though, they regularly have taken the time to study and make the most demanding certifications that demand a lot of time, energy, and skill to get.

Besides, these require the appearance of specialty schools and can cost quite a chunk of money. Since welder classes are not available everywhere, you’ll probably have to relocate, at least temporarily, if you want to get specialized welding education that will earn you big bucks.

Different Welding Career Opportunities

  • Underwater welders

It is not incorrect to say that underwater welding is the most delicate welding job you can consider after graduating from a welding school or holding a welding program. However, these jobs are ultra-secure as no one will replace you due to the challenging environment of the job, and barely a few welders are ready to work as underwater welders.

Those who are adventurous and daring will never lose interest in this field. Yet, aside from the tricky underwater conditions, you may also have to deal with cold water and barometric pressure. So it would be fine if you become a diver and a passionate swimmer because you might need to weld the outside of the line underwater.

  • Aerospace welders

Without any uncertainty, aerospace welding is one of the highest-paying welding professions because this job needs more than traditional welding knowledge. If you are contemplating joining the aerospace industry as a welder, you must have a high school degree because the demands of aerospace manufacturers are extreme.

After that, you have to finish vocational training at a good welding school. Then, you discover their different welding course, procedure, safety performances, and welding blueprints. Furthermore, it would benefit if you also understood maths and physics because they will come in handy in aerospace welding.

  • Military support welder

The military typically hires welders to develop their homes inside and outside the USA. Moreover, the safety and security of welding jobs are improbable that everyone desires.

Other benefits include free food at operating sites, healthcare, traveling, social security, and superannuation funds. But to engage in the US army, you need to clear the critical physical and mental test, which is the most difficult to pass. However, if you are physically and mentally fit and have decent welding knowledge, you can instantly enter military service by Military Occupational Specialists (MOSs).

  • Certified welding inspector

A certified welding inspector is a tradesperson who has years of welding learning knowledge and management skills. Besides, it is a dream job of most welding candidates because it is not challenging, and you don’t need to do welding. Yet to get this job, you have to work hard and go a long way.

For example, a company hires a certified welding supervisor to see their welding pool and review their work. So, an expert welder can assess the work of another welder. That’s why welding schooling, welding training, and experience is prerequisite to getting these jobs.

  • Pipeline welder

Pipeline welding jobs are the most challenging jobs after underwater welding. If you are excited to become a pipeline welder, then you must be intellectually ready to manage tricky situations like undesired weather on the worksite.

Pipe welders are in massive demand because pipelines are everywhere. Therefore, you can get the job in your surroundings, which every welder desires. However, this doesn’t mean that you will not have to travel. Sometimes pipeline welders have to go to different countries due to the international development of pipelines.

Moreover, this job needs manual and automated welding training because sometimes manual welding is the solution. On average, a pipeline welder makes between $64k to $75$ due to their tremendous talent level.

Welding jobs


There are many techniques to make an incredible salary as a specialized welder. The more chances you’re willing to take, the better paychecks you can see. Moreover, the longer you spend away from home, the more your bank account will thank you. Of course, you’ll also get rewarded more for higher abilities, more education, and more certifications.

Still, the most reliable way to make the highest salary is to do all of the above. Many graduated students work in high-paying cities, including Powelton Village, North Philadelphia, South Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, and North Philadelphia east.

If you think about starting your productive career in welding or improving your skills to qualify for a new position, PTTI is an excellent place. Furthermore, if you have a squeaky-clean background and a substantial psychological profile, you could even enhance a nuclear welder and earn over $100,000 each year for your endeavors.

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