What Are The Top 10 Construction Jobs In The US?

As construction jobs and developments progress with a high economy, the benefits of working in a field related to construction are rounding up to infinity, especially in the US. Apart from that, the salaries associated with opportunities in the construction field are also exceptionally high. As a result, the Bureau of Labour Statistics expects the employment rate to grow about 4 percent until 2029. Usually, bagging entry-level jobs is difficult in any industry. However, the construction field always remains an exception. Besides, engaging work hours and competitive salaries make this field a desirable option for many people seeking construction jobs.

What Should One Do to Pursue a Career in Construction Field?

Although the construction field may have a lot of scope in the future, every worker needs to make sure they have the necessary skills to complete it. Thus, this phase requires adequate construction training. By opting for a reputable construction school, one can progress and gain the very best trade skills. You can finish your course in about 26 weeks. As the economy keeps advancing and growing, the demand for new infrastructure and roads is sure to rise. This way, new opportunities are sure to emerge. A few of the best careers in the field of construction are listed.

  • Construction Managers

    A construction manager’s job is the best in the construction field. They have to supervise the project on different aspects and ensure advanced level coordination. Apart from that, they may also have to guide specific contracts involving plumbing and pipefitting. Another important fact is that construction managers also have to abide by the time management rules. Indeed, the overall safety of every individual at the construction site indirectly depends on the construction manager. Therefore, advanced construction training programs may turn out to be beneficial when pursuing a career in this field in the US.

  • Elevator Repairer

    These technicians have to take care of the installation, maintenance, and repair procedures of elevators. BLS expects the employment rate to grow about 10 percent up till 2029. Besides, competitive salaries and never-ending demand make this career field an excellent choice in the construction industry.

  • Electrician

    Electricians carry out activities involving electrical operations and installation, repair, and maintenance of other appliances. Apart from that, the employment rate here will have a 10 percent growth. Therefore, by enrolling in an advanced electrician course, students can gain hands-on training sessions and flexible classes to make the best out

  • Plumber

    Plumbers mainly deal with the maintenance and repair of pipes transporting water. Besides, these workers have to be physically fit to work for long hours. The expected employment growth rate is a tremendous 10 percent up till 2029. Whether a building or a residential apartment, every complex requires a plumber. Most plumbers require a valid license to work in many states.

  • Sheet Metal Manager

    These managers have to supervise and deal with activities related to sheet metal, such as construction and installation procedures. A few of the common examples are roofs as well as walls in common complexes. One does not need a degree in this field. However, you may need experience as an apprentice.
    Student in indoor construction training for construction jobs

  • Carpenter

    People consider this job to be the jack of all skilled trade opportunities. The estimated employment rate is around 8 percent since there is a growing interest in prefabricated infrastructures. Carpenters have to deal with activities related to the installation of cabinets and constructing footings made of cement. The carpenter’s work is way more advanced and beyond explanation, apart from hammering and shaping. Thus, it does justice this way, being the jack of all skilled trades indeed! In addition, one can join a framing course and gain essential knowledge related to carpentry.

  • Equipment Operator

    The majority of the construction jobs make use of heavy equipment. Besides, hiring a trained equipment operator during this phase can help smooth many heavy machines and equipment, such as cranes and excavators, in the field. Apart from that, the type of equipment can also determine if a valid license is needed or not. However, to be on the safer side, a valid license can help officialize the expert working field of equipment operators.

  • Mason

    Indeed, concrete is one of the primary materials used in the construction industry. Therefore, a mason has a vital role in modifying the properties of concrete since it can turn out to be one of the basic foundations of any infrastructure.

    For any complex or a residential building, a mason is always a requirement because these workers have to build structures using concrete and modify the properties of their projects accordingly. To pursue this field as a career, one can enroll in a masonry training program.

  • Glazier

    These workers deal with any activity related to glass. For example, the mirror in your bathroom, or safety glasses in high-rise buildings, always require a glazier for their installation. Whether it be measuring or cutting glass, a glazer has to work with many risks and patience. One can pursue a career in this field by opting for an apprenticeship program.

  • Solar Installer

    With the frequent climate changes, the demand for solar installer will increase. These workers have to assemble, install, and maintain solar panels. Since people opt for renewable energy sources, one does not have to worry about depleting the resources. Also, these workers do not need a degree.


Students undergoing hands-on construction training in construction school
Indeed, there are many never-ending opportunities for job-seekers in the construction industry. It would be best to get adequate training to carry out activities in specialized roles in this field. If you wish to make the best out of your future, then you can join a reputable construction institute for an exhilarating cost. The placement rate at the moment is relatively high. Therefore, do not miss this splendid opportunity!

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