What Is A HVAC Mechanical Estimator And How To Become One?

In today’s world, the HVAC market is flourishing. The market value of the HVAC is projected to achieve $367.5 billion by 2030. As the industry grows, more demand for HVAC estimators. If becoming an HVAC estimator is your goal, read further.

Who Is An HVAC Estimator?

An HVAC estimator is a professional who installs HVAC systems in residential and commercial buildings. The estimator plans and outlines the HVAC project, from installation layout to generate an assessment for which one can use an HVAC template.

The HVAC estimator has the technical proficiency in understanding and planning the design project and determining how it will function. In addition, the estimator must know about the HVAC system and its processes to create a precise cost estimate.

Becoming An HVAC Estimator

To become a professional estimator and enter the HVAC industry, you need to:

Complete Education

Like every other skilled trade professional, becoming a professional HVAC estimator has the following qualification requirements:

  • To become an HVAC estimator a high school diploma or passing the GED (General Education Development) test is essential.
  • A candidate who has a bachelor’s degree in math and engineering can enroll in an HVAC program.
  • A high school diploma and HVAC training certification are crucial to getting an entry-level job in the HVAC enterprise.

The employer is looking for workers who hold good knowledge about the area. In addition, the HVAC estimator has to assess the material and HVAC system costs; therefore, you need specialization in the subject.

Complete Training And Experience

If you are a part of the HVAC enterprise planning to become an estimator, this one’s for you. As HVAC is a specialized field, you require training for it. No employer wants to employ a candidate who does not have experience. You can have working experience as an HVAC technician, HVAC installer, HVAC service technician, or HVAC service installer. The client or employer wants someone with a practical understanding of HVAC systems. It is beneficial if you wish to apply for the supervisory role.


HVAC technician

Various professionals have bachelor’s degrees and want a higher role with higher pay. They prefer certification to upgrade their skills. You have to go through a procedure to qualify for a comprehensive exam.


Every company looks for a technical and experienced person. Thus, to become a skilled estimator, you must get a license. A licensed HVAC estimator indicates that the person is trained and reliable. To obtain permission and become a licensed HVAC estimator, you have to fill in the requirements given below:

  • The candidate should be eighteen years or older.
  • There should be no criminal record.
  • Should have a high school degree or GED
  • The candidate must have on-the-job training or HVAC training.

Roles And Responsibility Of HVAC Estimator

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    For becoming an HVAC estimator, these are the job description:

  • Planned proposals to new customers and bid on new HVAC projects such as construction projects.
  • Meet and match the requirements and goals of existing customers as per their requirements and standards.
  • Create assessments based on the cost of labor, material, and equipment.
  • Gather essential information like project expense air-conditioning temperature range, square foot area, the requirement of equipment in the project, and heat temperature range.
  • To prepare a design of the space layout and need equipment to illustrate the scope of work.
  • Prepare accurate take-offs of HVAC products from construction documents in automotive technician programs.
  • Prepare cost estimation by using HVAC estimate software. Also, you can use a conventional method such as pen-paper, but it is incredibly time-consuming for multiple projects.
  • Coordinate with subcontractors to ensure all tasks are conducted per the planned budget.
  • Keep updated with customers regarding the project progress and solve the concern issues.
  • Prepare work assessments by using planned proposals, blueprints, and documents.

HVAC is a growing enterprise; becoming an HVAC estimator is a great opportunity. Nonetheless, the HVAC estimator is a serious duty as the entire project’s budget is on them. These tips for becoming an HVAC estimator will help you to grow your career in this field.

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