What Is An Oil Rig Welder? How To Become One?

Oil rig welding is the procedure of joining the metal structures of oil wells. Generally, these structures have distinct shapes and sizes. Oil rig welding is also known as underwater welding. It is because it implies joining the metal structures that are immersed underwater.

What Is An Oil Rig Welder?

Oil rig welders function on oil rigs. They maintain, operate, and repair equipment used to drill crude oil, coal, and gas. An oil rig welder specializes in HPHT (high-pressure and high-temperature) welding. A welding career as an oil rig welder requires the right skills and comprehensive training. Oil rig welders work for prolonged periods at sea and at elevated altitudes in severe conditions. In addition, oil rigs must deal with intense weather and random events, such as explosions, fires, and other emergencies.

Oil rig welders are accountable for the integrity of an oil rig. These welders ensure that all structural elements on an oil rig will support the essential loads. These materials include various metals, like low-alloy steel, carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and titanium.

Steps To Becoming An Oil Rig Welder

A prosperous career as an oil rig welder starts with training. The minimum qualifications to work as an oil rig welder include the following:

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Physical stamina, strength, endurance, agility, and mental alertness to execute the duties of an oil rig welder
  • Ability to regulate, transport, store, and use oxygen and propane
  • Work in a setting with loud noises, harsh weather conditions, and extreme cold and heat
  • Capacity to use hand and power tools
  • Execute basic math and read blueprints
  • Conduct basic welding skills
  • Ability to follow verbal and written instructions
  • Adhere to safety regulations when working
  • Perform basic welding functions upon an emergency call

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What Are The Educational Requirements To Become an Oil Rig Welder?

You can follow a few means to become an oil rig welder. They include:

A 2-year Technical Training Program

You will get a welding certification upon completion. Most oil rig welders have a high school degree. But the 2-year program is essential.

Become An Apprenticeship

You will require a high school diploma and GED to join an apprenticeship. Some firms will only permit you with a high school diploma. Nonetheless, you should have two years of experience in work or a high school degree.

Learn On The Job

It is not an adequate choice for oil rig welders, but it is possible. One can learn on the job, but you will require some experience. If not, you will require to spend at least two years at a welding training school like a welding school.

How To Become An Oil Rig Welder?

Gain Mechanical Experience

To obtain a job as an oil rig welder, you should know how to function on an oil rig. That implies knowing how to fix electrical systems, diesel engines, and hydraulic systems. You should also understand how to deal with welding equipment.

Begin as a mechanic on a big rig. Numerous employers will train you on the job. Nonetheless, getting experience on a big rig is much simpler than on a smaller oil rig. On a big oil rig, technicians can get up on the rig and weld. While on a smaller rig, technicians are often stuck upstairs in the tool room, overseeing other mechanics. Technicians need some particular skills. You must be eligible to crawl around under big appliances in severe weather and cramped quarters. Also, you require a lot of strength, and you should lift heavy weights over your head for a long duration.

If you are willing to function hard and have the required aptitudes, you stand a good chance of getting a welding job as an oil rig welder.

Seek For Certification

Before becoming an oil rig welder, apply for the TWIC card for a welding course. You should have the card to work on an offshore oil rig in the US. This certificate from the TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) needs background checks and fingerprinting. Check TWIC’s site for more data to obtain this identification card.

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Apply For An Oil Rig Welding Job

One of the essential things you can do is apply for welding jobs. The competition is hard, but do not give up. Word may come around that the people are certified welders, and firms will start coming for you.

Research The Oil Industry

Before you start looking for work as an oil rig welder, you are required to arm yourself with data for welding training. Studying the oil industry will tell you what to anticipate. You will also be more competitive in the job application procedure. Discover why oil and gas firms operate onshore and offshore and what they produce. Learn about the various ways they drill and extract gas and oil. Besides, understand how they ensure that production is operating smoothly.


If a person wants to build a career in welding and is wondering how to become one, there is some good news. Oil rig welding jobs are one of the most in-demand careers nowadays. So, finding work should be easy. Oil rig welding is also one of the highest-paying jobs. Follow the methods discussed above if you want to come to be an oil rig welder.

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