What Is The Difference Between A Residential, Commercial, And An Industrial Electrician?

If you are a student pursuing an electrical course, you are probably aware of an electrician apprenticeship. These programs provide students with an industry level of exposure. Depending on the environment you wish to work in, an electrician apprenticeship can help you succeed in your career journey.

How Important Is It For A Student To Enroll In An Electrician Apprenticeship Training?

An individual must enroll in electrician apprenticeship training. In fact, you must consider this option if you wish to become an electrician. Indeed, the job of an electrician is not easy. One has to perform many challenging tasks throughout the day.

Therefore, enrolling in a training program can help! If you are still unsure about which skilled trades to pursue, then you can attend career counseling sessions as well!

The teaching strategies are innovative technology equipped. Therefore, you are sure to have interactive sessions during classes. Apart from that, there was also an introduction to the online mode of learning during the pandemic. A student can choose either the online mode, offline mode, or the blended mode of learning.

Are Electrical Trade Schools Expensive?

Not at all! Numerous electrical trade schools offer professional programs at affordable costs. In fact, you can enroll in any of the skilled trades programs apart from electrician training. At the moment, the employment growth rate for electricians is about 9 percent. In fact, this trend is most likely to continue up till 2030.

The overall cost of an electrical training program is about $19,000 approximately. One can also apply for numerous scholarships and other bursaries under merit. An aspiring technician can complete a professional electrical program in 26 weeks. Indeed, this is a great way to kickstart your career as an electrician!

One of the best things about enrolling in an electrician course is having a guaranteed job. In fact, once you finish your studies, you can jump into the electrician industry and earn a good salary. Thus, this is unlike other course graduates that pursue their field in the uncertainty of a job.

Indeed, skilled trades have a good scope shortly. Therefore, consider opting for an electrical trade course today!

Where Can One Find Job Opportunities As An Electrician In Philadelphia?

One can find numerous opportunities in many cities of Philadelphia. A few of these cities include Allegheny West, Broad Street, Woodland Avenue, Cheltenham Avenue, Ogontz Avenue, and Woodland Avenue.

However, an individual may require a license to operate in most of these cities. In addition, different regions in Philadelphia have different rules and regulations to obtain a license. Therefore, you may have to fulfill specific licensed electrician requirements.

With a professional electrical apprenticeship job, a student can increase his chances of bagging a top-level post. Besides, this is a great way to gain in-depth knowledge about the practical aspects of an electrician’s job. Apart from that, a master’s program in the same domain can also help you achieve the status of a journeyman electrician!

A few of the primary responsibilities of an electrician include operating, fixing, and maintaining electrician appliances. Besides, electricians may have to adjust to irregular schedules, overtime work routines, and unexpected duty calls. However, by enrolling in accredited electrical schools, you can overcome these challenges efficiently.

What Can An Individual Pursue After Obtaining An Electrician Certification PA?

electrician apprenticeship

After obtaining an electrician certification pa, you can work in an industrial, commercial or residential domain. An industrial electrician mainly deals with operations in a factory or manufacturing sector. Besides, a commercial electrician deals with electrical operations in business settings or commercial settings. On the other hand, residential electricians work specifically for particular buildings or residences.

In all three situations, the overall salary of a professional electrician is relatively high indeed. Besides, having a certification will help you gain the upper hand during the recruitment process. Thus, this is because employers will find you more desirable. Besides, you will also be able to demonstrate an explicit working knowledge of your skills.

What Can One Learn In An Electrician Apprenticeship Program?

In an electrician apprenticeship, a student can learn many interesting aspects of numerous industries. Thus, this is because every industry requires a professional electrician. Moreover, an apprenticeship program will allow you to work while you study. Besides, you will also pay off your fees or debts with the decent salary you earn.

Apart from that, one can also master many skills after enrolling in an apprenticeship program. A few of these skills include time management, patience, and excellent hand-eye coordination. While working, electricians may have to multi-task as well. Thus, good coordination between the hands and the eyes can help increase overall productivity!

Since the electrician industry is quite hazardous, professionals are usually prone to minor cuts or bruises. However, exposure to mild shocks may also be quite frequent. Thus, basic training in health and safety can help you handle such situations or assist other colleagues. These foundational courses are usually covered in your electrical course syllabus!


Indeed, a professional electrician apprenticeship may have way more benefits than you think. Many technical colleges in Philadelphia are offering electrical courses today! However, it would be best to enroll in an accredited university since they offer higher placement rates.

Currently, the overall placement rate for electricians is about 92 percent. Indeed, you must not give this opportunity a second thought!

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