What Is The Highest Paying Job In The Automotive Industry?

The automobile industry has been on the record of fastest-growing trades for decades. With emerging technology and a preference for convenience, the automotive training institute has a lot to offer. If automobiles admire you, they can also support you to grow massively. As a result, careers in the automotive training institute are widespread and easier to pursue.

All it takes is an automotive mechanic certificate or something equivalent degree from a renowned institute. Besides, over 1.7 million people are operated by the auto industry. In addition, the industry is a massive consumer of goods and services from several other areas. It also contributes to a net employment result in the U.S. economy of approximately 8 million jobs.

Highest Paying Career Opportunities

Taking about the highest paying job roles. It comprises of:-

  • Sales Manager-$130,000

You can work as a sales manager after graduating from an ordinary car school and some sales experience. Sales managers can train sales staff, and they also address customer issues. Nevertheless, those who operate in the automotive industry manage the sales staff at vehicle dealerships. Moreover, they help set prices for vehicles and ascertain the most practical way to sell vehicles to consumers.

  • Quality Testing Engineer-$90,562

The auto repair technician and others in the domain are responsible for testing every vehicle component. It ensures they function correctly and safely, making it a critical role. In addition, they carry crash testing system integration, test electronics, wireless connections, and more. Their work entails developing a test case, performing the test, and fixing any defects they uncover.

  • Automotive Designer-$89,471

Automotive design is an extremely specialized field that combines safety, business acumen, engineering, and creativity. Moreover, the industry isn’t limited to automobiles but covers various forms of wheeled transportation.

The automotive designers design the components as well as the ergonomics of vehicles. Thus, while a team of engineers completes the functional development, the automotive designers take care if the designs of the transport. Additionally, the general salary for auto designers is US$90,400 per year.

  • Process Engineer-$85,000

The process engineers are responsible for implementing, controlling, designing, and optimizing intuitive processes. Further, their duties vary in several domains like agricultural, pharmaceutical, mineral, automotive, and processing industries.

Process engineers manage the engineering of the plant production process by managing automated systems. They also solve any technical issues that might emerge. Therefore, an aspirant will need strong technical expertise in the automated mechanic cars industry to qualify. Although, process engineers earn a national average salary of US$85,000 a year.

  • Industrial Designers-$75,000

Industrial designers are responsible for designing and redesigning products to make them more functional or user-friendly than past versions. Industrial designers can focus on several manufactured items, including automobiles. An illustration of this would be the design or tempering of an existing vehicle to keep it competitive with new models. Industrial designers can start with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design or a similar discipline.

  •  Auto Repair Technicians-$60,000

Automotive service technicians and car auto repair technicians work with vehicles regularly to ensure that they are maintained or repaired. Besides, they particularly work with standard-sized vehicles, such as trucks, cars, and vans. Their job may involve tasks such as altering the oil or fixing problems with a car’s systems.

Automotive technicians need post-secondary training; a certificate or an associate’s degree. They may also need certification.

  • Automotive Body And Glass Repairers-$45,000

 When people are affected in a car accident or get a chip in their vehicle’s windshield. Nonetheless, they need the services of an automotive body or glass repairer at that time. Body repairers concentrate on identifying waste to parts like a car or truck’s doors, panels, or frames.

In addition, automotive glass repairs may fix a new windshield or take action to keep cracks in a windshield from spreading. However, approved training from an automotive training institute in this field can be an asset. Becoming an automotive body or glass repairer with a high school diploma and on-the-job training is possible.

  • Transportation Equipment Painters-$45,000

The area of painting and coating can require working with a broad category of products. Still, individuals interested in working with automobiles (including cars, buses, and trucks) can become transportation equipment painters or automotive painters. These experts typically use functional spray guns to paint new vehicles or to refinish older designs.

As a painting and coating worker, employment usually requires a high school diploma or the equivalent. Indeed, you can consider an automotive mechanic certificate that trains students to paint automobiles.

  • Diesel Service Technicians-$40,000

Diesel mechanics and auto mechanics operate on diesel-powered vehicles, such as buses and construction vehicles, to keep them running smoothly. While high school graduation allows them to learn on the job, and automotive training institute opens up more work opportunities.

Furthermore, they may offer a range of tasks and need to be familiar with the arrangements in diesel-powered vehicles.

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Today, the automotive industry is serving the entire country. Therefore, respect and a decent salary are a guarantee when you enter this field. In addition, the automotive field may require individuals that can keep pace with the fast-track environment.

You can bag a good job role with an impressive salary if you join a certified auto technician program! Today, many successful alumni work in Gloucester City, NJ; Lansdowne, PA; Cinnaminson, NJ; Darby, PA; Audubon, NJ.

Therefore, consider building up a competitive portfolio by enrolling yourself at Philadelphia Technician Training Institute. Indeed, it is the preferable institution with excellent quality education. So what are you looking for!

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