What Is The Job Of A Steamfitter?

Indeed, the trade schools plumbing industry has come a long way today. The job opportunities for this sector of the industry are pretty boundless. If you aspire to become a professional steamfitter, you must consider enrolling in a trade school’s plumbing certification program.

Is It Important For Steam Fitters To Know Welding Or Brazing?

When it comes to the vast plumbing industry, almost all the skilled trades can turn out to be very beneficial. Apart from that, skills like welding or brazing are critical since professionals have to install and repair pipes. For example, one of the primary responsibilities of steamfitters is to install, repair and maintain pipes that carry steam, gases, and other substances.

With professional plumbing training, you can become a steamfitter, plumber, or even a sprinkler fitter. Of course, all these jobs come with their specific responsibilities. However, a training program will help you grasp in-depth knowledge about the various aspects of the plumbing industry. Many technical colleges offer such specialized courses.

Are Technical Plumbing Colleges Worth It?

Yes! A plumbing technical school is indeed worth it and affordable as well. The steam fitting certification course is of 26 weeks, and it costs $19,000. Apart from that, you can also opt for financial aid programs, scholarships, and other bursaries if you are under merit.

The teaching strategies used in these technical colleges endorse modern technology and advanced learning. For example, one can use the lab sessions and practical hands-on training sessions to learn steam fitting. Nevertheless, when opting for the best plumbing schools, you recommend opting for an accredited one.

Currently, the placement rate for such programs is about 92 percent. Today, successful alumni work in well-known cities, including Drexel Hill, PAMaple Shade, NJHaddonfield, NJ, Northeast Philadelphia, and South West Philadelphia.

How Useful Is A Steam-Fitting Apprenticeship Program?

An apprenticeship program is beneficial for helping students learn the practical aspects of the industry. Apart from that, you can enroll in such programs during your course of study.

Moreover, apprenticeship programs provide individuals an opportunity to earn while studying. The salaries of such professionals are pretty impressive as well.

Usually, apprenticeship programs provide training for plumbing between 2-5 years. However, one can learn a lot of things during this duration. Moreover, once you complete your course of study, you will have an assured job waiting for you.

Indeed, this is unlike other university students pursuing courses other than skilled trades. These students live in uncertainty of a job while still studying.

How High Is The Current Employment Demand For Such Workers?

trade schools plumbing

The current employment rate for such professionals is about 5 percent. This trend will continue up till 2030. One of the best things about opting for a plumbing program is to pursue a profession in either steam fitting, plumbing, or sprinkler fitting. Thus, one will have Numerous job prospects on their career journey with impressive salaries.

Currently, the plumbing industry is witnessing a shortage of skilled laborers at the moment. However, as long as the construction and building industry thrives, the demand for plumbers and steamfitters will always be high. Thus, indeed, you must consider enrolling in the steam fitting school, especially if you aspire to be a steamfitter.

What Are Some Of The Important Skills One Can Master In This Industry?

If you wish to excel in the plumbing field, a few skills can help you reach your target. Besides, accredited plumber schools can help you master these skills in 26 weeks. Some of the essential skills are mentioned below for your convenience.

  • Advanced Knowledge About Pipeline Networks

Knowledge about pressure valves and overall intensity to resist high-pressure gases can help individuals design good pipes. Besides, every residential or commercial complex requires a plumber or a pipefitter. Apart from that, prior expertise and apprenticeship programs can also help to gain hands-on training experience.

  • Ability To Interpret Blueprints

When designing a pipe and keeping track of its measurements, it becomes essential for steamfitters to keep in mind the blueprints. Quickly identifying the various aspects in blueprints can help steamfitters to complete their work with total productivity. Accredited trade schools’ plumbing courses offer specialized resources and subject materials focusing on Blueprints.

  • Time Management Skills

Indeed, no customer would want the plumbing work at their home to last more than a day. Thus, steamfitters must make sure that they can complete the majority of their work in quite a short duration of time.

Apart from that, most recruiters today hire professionals that can finish their work in quite an impressive period. Therefore, make good use of all your study materials to get familiar with shortcut methods while working.

  • Basic First-Aid Skills

Indeed, the plumbing industry is not short of challenges or safety hazards. For example, professionals are usually prone to minor cuts and injuries when working with various sharp tools and equipment. Thus, basic first-aid knowledge can turn out to be very beneficial when assisting your colleagues or yourself! Thus, consider brushing up on a few critical safety-related aspects.

  • Equipment Safety

Indeed, steamfitters need to know how to use various equipment at their workplace safely. Besides, most of the equipment in the plumbing industry is quite expensive. Thus, proper maintenance methods also need to be used when dealing with such machinery.


It is no doubt that steam fitting, in general, can turn out to be quite a fruitful career. Moreover, as a steamfitter, you will be contributing a lot to the overall development of your nation. Thus, indeed, you must not give their career opportunity a second thought.

Therefore, opt for a trade schools plumbing certification program today! Proper plumbing degrees from the best colleges and universities will help you stay up to date with the plumbing technology and plumbing systems as well.

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