What Is The Job Scope In The HVAC Industry After Completing A 6-Week HVAC Training?

If you plan to establish your career in skilled trades, you must know the importance of training in this sector. Training helps build confidence and prepares an individual to apply for multiple profiles in this sector. If we consider the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry. It is one of the top career alternatives in the skilled trades industry since it provides several job opportunities. This is a hard and rewarding career with a consistent salary, numerous prospects, and excellent retirement and health care benefits. Let’s understand the job scenario after completing a 6-week HVAC training program.

6-Week HVAC Training Program: A Good Place To Start Your Career

The 6-week HVAC training program gives students real-world experience and practical exposure. Most such training programs at trade schools include hands-on instruction in installing, repairing, and maintaining systems. The goal of these HVAC technician programs is to provide students with a deeper comprehension of safety procedures and a comprehensive understanding of the process. This curriculum guarantees that a student will gain the self-assurance necessary to apply for entry—and mid-level positions in the field.

Job Scope In The HVAC Industry

Before entering into the complexities of job scopes and duties in the HVAC industry, examine the following data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics: According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics research, the HVAC business will create an average of 37,700 new employees yearly. Furthermore, HVAC installers and technicians will seek employment growth from 2022 to 2032; their employment is forecast to increase by 6%, outpacing the growth of other occupations in the country. The job market is quite diverse- this trend gives birth to numerous places for specialists. Furthermore, the information shows that the HVAC technician’s salary is $27.55 per hour.

These are some of the job profiles in the HVAC industry after completing the 6-week HVAC technician training:

HVAC classes at PTTI

1. HVAC Technician:

In HVAC classes, you have learned and gained experience installing and repairing HVAC systems. Now, you can become an HVAC Technician or Assistant. There are opportunities for these technicians in every building, as in every house or office, there is a need to control the temperature, so there is a need for HVAC technicians to maintain the system equipment.

2. Maintenance Jobs In Industry:

Generally, every hospital, hotel, mall office, or big industry, like a Power plant or manufacturing industry, has specific departments and personnel to care for the HVAC systems. Regular maintenance is essential for the system to work efficiently. Additionally, system failure also needs a quick fix to restart or minimize any damage.

3. HVAC Installers In Construction Companies:

Construction companies need full-time installation technicians to work on their projects. After completing your HVAC technician training, you can choose to work with them.

4. Warehouse Assistant:

HVAC companies generally have warehouses at different locations to store the parts and the equipment. These warehouses are used to make the supply chain strong. As you are familiar with all of these equipment, you can get an opportunity to manage the inventory and warehouse as a warehouse assistant.

5. Service Consultant:

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Some companies also have positions for service consultants who handle all inquiries and service calls, understand the customers’ requirements and problems, and coordinate with the technicians. Thus, having completed a training program from an HVAC training school, you possess the fundamental knowledge required to communicate effectively.

6. Volunteer For Emergency Service Calls:

In addition to your regular job, you can work overtime and take emergency service calls from clients, which will help you earn extra income and establish better connections.

Opportunities For Promotion And Further Studies:

These HVAC classes open the opportunity for you to get promoted and ladder up at the workplace. You can also pursue other certifications and study in the HVAC field, which will be helpful for your career growth.

Ensuring A Rewarding Career In The HVAC Industry

The 6-week HVAC training program equips you with the skills to launch a rewarding career in the fast-growing HVAC industry. This foundation allows you to pursue various roles, from entry-level technician and installer positions to warehouse assistant and service consultant. With experience and additional certifications, you can progress within your chosen specialty or even open your own HVAC business. The opportunities for growth and a stable career path make HVAC an attractive field for those seeking a fulfilling profession in the skilled trades.

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