What job makes a lot of money with little schooling?

What to do after high school graduation?

For many people, the most common route to building a career is to finish their high school education, get into a regular college program, and maybe go for further studies and try for jobs. Unfortunately, it is often not easy to get a regular job as a college graduate. It is even more difficult in the case of those who drop out of college for some reason. Moreover, traditional college programs are expensive and lead to a build-up of debt for the students, and they spend many years repaying their student loans. Is there a more accessible alternative to this structure? Skilled trades are the answer to your woes! A career in skilled trades is very lucrative.

Trade Schools

Yes, there is an easier and much better alternative to regular college programs. Enrolling in one of the best trade schools is the solution! Trade schools have a clear advantage over traditional college programs for individuals looking to make a stable and sustainable career with little schooling. In addition, trade school programs save you time and money if your goal is to secure a job in the field of your choice!

Why choose Trade School Programs over Regular College?

Top trade schools in the US offer certification courses in various trades in demand in the industry. The trade school program durations are very short compared to regular college programs. Typically, a trade school program will last six months to 1 year, whereas a typical college graduate degree program lasts four years. Moreover, trade school programs generally cost one-third of the cost of an average regular 4-year college program. After graduating from a trade school program, getting a job as a certified tradesman is guaranteed. Certified technicians in the skilled trades are always in demand in the industry. In addition to that, the annual average salaries of tradesmen increase at a very high rate with the years of experience they gain while working.

What Kind of Programs do Trade Schools Offer?

Trade schools offer various programs that find their place in different industries like manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and technology. For example, trade school programs offer courses to become mechanics, repairmen, machinists, welders, etc., that find their place in the manufacturing industry. Courses that provide training to become bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc., find their place in the construction industry. Some trade school programs offer courses to become nurses, aides, and orderlies and find their place in healthcare. Some training programs offer courses to become automotive repair technicians, and manufacturing electricians and are prominently sought after in technology industries.

Best Trade Jobs that make a lot of money with little schooling

Now that we know about some of the basics of the premise of trade school programs let’s look at some of the existing training programs. What are the highest paying trade jobs you can get right after graduating, and how much can you earn in your career as a certified tradesman in the field of your choice?

Welding Technician

The job of a welding technician is one of the most sought-after trades. A simple reason is that a welding professional is not confined to any one industry. Welding technicians are required in manufacturing, joining metals and non-metals, in the fabrication industry, in construction, fusing steel beams, constructing pipes, and in the automotive industry, where welders are required in many industrial sectors processes. This makes the job of a certified welding technician well in demand. And as much as the demand is, so is the money that they make. According to the date of PayScale Syndicate, the annual average starting salary of a professional welding technician in the US ranges from $54,000 to $71,000, and an experienced welding technician can quickly be making $100,000 on average annually. This figure increases exponentially with years of experience.

welding is one of the highest paying skilled trades

You can complete your training to become a welding technician in as little time as six months. This training includes theoretical classes, online and virtual reality training, and hands-on training to familiarize and practice real welding techniques. A career as a welder can be very lucrative for your career goals for a brighter, stable, and sustainable future.

Plumbing/Pipefitting Technician

A fascinating job is that of a plumber or pipefitter. Although they may seem the same and are sometimes used interchangeably, there’s a marked difference between plumbers and pipefitters. Both plumbers and pipefitters work on pipes and piping systems, but the difference lies in the material that these pipes and piping systems carry. Plumbers usually work on low-pressure piping systems with water, such as in housing complexes and commercial complexes, and such buildings. However, pipefitters perform on high-pressure piping systems that carry oil, fuel, chemicals, and steam, usually present in manufacturing industries, factories, boiler plants, and complex systems. The nature of the work is fascinating, and the money they make also makes this job very lucrative. The median pay in the US for plumbers is $55,160 annually, and this figure increases with the years of experience that a technician gains in the field.

Pipefitting and plumbing jobs are high paying skilled trades.

Becoming a certified plumber or pipefitter can be life-changing. And the best part is that you can get your training and certification in as little as six months. After graduation, securing a job is almost always assured in the trades. You will also undergo externships and get hands-on training in real-time situations with companies to get absorbed after your training. It’s an exciting and excellent career opportunity that makes you a lot of money with little schooling!

Manufacturing, Automation, and Electrical Technician

When we think of a tradesman, we generally picture a manufacturing technician or electrical technician. They are the ones who are typically employed and associated with the manufacturing industry, with power plants and heavy machinery. They have always been in demand and will continue to play the dominant role in the industry. It is one of the highest-paying trades in the industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay is $56,180, increasing with career advancement and experience.

I start my career as an electrician

Although training to become a manufacturing, automation, and electrical technician can be intense, it is achievable in 6 months! You will be exposed to hands-on training in advanced labs, where you will learn about electronics and electrical equipment. And not just that, you will be trained in exciting things like robotics, electrical wiring, hydraulics, and much more industry-standard techniques and technologies. As a certified manufacturing, automation, and electrical technician, you will be highly sought after and valued in the industry and are sure to have fantastic career opportunities!

Construction Technician

As the human population rises and technology advances, it is seen that construction is on the rise. Even in these turbulent times, work goes on, and although the economy was hit, things are getting back on track slowly. New buildings, housing complexes, and infrastructures are getting built, and the demand for certified professionals in construction and related industries is always on the rise. The best part of the job is that it’s not only technical, it is also artistic in nature. As a construction technician, you get to create fantastic pieces of architecture that inspire you and those around you to see that they can achieve their dreams and build the future in the career of their choice. There are many job roles as a construction technician, and the pay differs accordingly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as a certified mason, you can earn about $46,500 annually, whereas you can earn about $51,204 annually as a bricklayer. The pay increases according to your credentials and experience in the field of your choice.


Jobs in construction are very intensive and heavy. So is the training. However, you can get trained and certified in a 6-month course where you will be given hands-on training on all the construction techniques and equipment and heavy machinery that are the industry standards used in the trade. You will learn to read and understand blueprints, understand practical processes like bricklaying, masonry, working with concrete, and much more. With certification, you can have a variety of job opportunities waiting for you right after you graduate. A career in construction is gratifying and satisfying. It opens you up to travel and see the world. You can go to places and construct infrastructure that you will be proud of. You build your career and get a brighter and better future!

Sterile Processing Technician

The sterile processing technician is one of the most underrated technician jobs that are now at the forefront due to the pandemic health crisis. A sterile processing technician is one of the central services which is essential to the health industry. They ensure that contamination does not occur while handling medical equipment and instruments. As a result, they form the backbone of the health industry and medical services and are valued more than ever. The job is challenging and highly satisfying, and pays well. According to Glassdoor, the entry-level starting average annual salary ranges from $40,000 to $52,000 and increases according to the seniority and experience in training.

Sterile Processing Technician

As a sterile and central processing technician, you contribute to society and your community and much as you contribute to yourself and your future. By investing as little as eight months in the training and certification for the sterile and central processing program, you are investing in securing your future and guaranteeing yourself a lifetime of job satisfaction and pride. In addition, you will be a valued industry expert in the healthcare field and become an asset to the industry.

Automotive Repair Technician

An automotive repair technician is a slightly different and fascinating industry in the automotive industry. Car enthusiasts or those who love working on their own vehicles, customizing and repairing, and understanding their vehicles can enjoy a well-paying career that requires little schooling. As a trained and certified automotive repair technician, you have the edge over other car enthusiasts and craft a career and name for yourself, be it in the mainstream automotive industry or a business of your own. The work is creative, intense, exciting, and highly satisfying for enthusiastic people about the automobiles and automotive industry. The best part is that you can earn a starting average annual salary of $39,510 and grow at a rate of 1.7% in the industry. More than 160,000 establishments with yearly revenue of about $115 billion are there to provide secure and stable employment to certified automotive technicians as skilled industry professionals.

new automotive component

Becoming an automotive repair technician can be a life-changing experience you are waiting for, especially if you are a car enthusiast. If you enjoy your time in getting to know and understand your vehicle, spending as little as six months on getting trained and certified will open up new avenues for you professionally. You can turn your passion into a career that gives you job satisfaction and a high-earning opportunity. Becoming certified helps you become valued and sought after in the industry and gives you an edge over other tradesmen in your field. It makes it worth your while to get certified.

You will also be learning from the industry experts in your field and getting hands-on training. You will learn about many aspects of the automotive industry like operation, diagnostics, brake systems, repair and maintenance, and externships. You will get to work on vehicles in real-time and get the learning experience and training while you work. Your employment opportunities after graduation are almost guaranteed. You deserve to make your dreams come true and have a career that gives you an edge.


There are many options for you to choose a job that makes you a lot of money with little schooling. Not only does choosing a career in trades give you a better alternative to a regular 4-year college program, but it also costs much less and guarantees you a job right after graduation. You can choose one of the top trade schools in Philadelphia for enrolling in a program that suits your needs and takes you ahead in your career of choice! The best-paying trade jobs that you choose will give you an opportunity to make a career with a solid foundation and aim for a better, brighter, and sustainable future.

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