What Skilled Trades Jobs Make The Most Money?

Skilled trades or skilled trade occupations are specialized jobs that require a specific set of skills to perform the task. Additionally, in recent years skilled trades have become a popular career choice, especially for young students. The median wage in the USA is $47,497 per annum or $24.36 per hour. The beginner positions start at $35,251 per annum, while the experienced, skilled trades earn up to $69,160 per annum. However, during the pandemic, we saw a shortage of jobs and the struggle for people to secure even a meager wage job. On the other hand, the skilled trades were facing a shortage of workers.

The skilled trades provide abundant opportunities to earn, grow, and establish a successful career.  Further, the scope of skilled trades is limited to jobs and widens to business ideas. Therefore, to learn skilled trades properly, one must enroll in skilled trade programs to learn, train, and precision.

What Are The Top-Paying Skilled Trades?

The following are some of the top skilled trades in demand that will encourage you to take these up as a profession.


Average salary: $35,200 per annum

A welder is concerned with joining metal parts using equipment that produces high heat. A welder is also trained in polishing and smoothing out metal surfaces. Moreover, welders train in different welding techniques such as soldering, brazing, and welding. They often work in various work settings such as repair shops, construction sites, power plants, etc.


Average salary: $24.83 per hour

Electricians are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electric circuits and systems at residential and commercial sites. Also, they are required to have the basic knowledge of subjects such as Maths and Science. The job keeps the electrician on their toes and requires physical strength and stamina. Moreover, electricians also plant out the wiring system in the buildings and complexes and ensure that they follow the rules and regulations.

Sterile Processing Technician

Average salary: $26.63 per hour

A Sterile processing technician works under the supervision of medical staff such as doctors and registered nurses. They sterilize or sanitize the medical equipment and instruments to be safe. Moreover, sterile Processing Technicians should work in various settings, including government or private hospitals, nursing homes, and private or government clinics. Furthermore, their significant duties involve ensuring that all medical equipment is sterilized correctly before and after the medical operations.

Sterile Processing/Central Service Technician School in Philadelphia, Technician Training Institute


Average salary: $22.21 per hour

Masons are responsible for laying the foundation of a building, building brick walls and patios. In addition, masons train in creating beautiful and ornamental stone structures that are aesthetically pleasing. Masons require high physical strength as they carry bulky equipment and work for long hours. In addition to this, masons often work on government projects building government complexes, etc.

Dental Hygienist

Average salary: $38.10 per hour

The Dental hygienists clean patients’ teeth and provide them with necessary dental care. In addition, they help educate people on the importance of proper dental hygiene. Finally, a dental hygienist takes X-rays to diagnose the problem and updates the medical records.

Construction Manager

Average salary: $84,476 per annum

A Construction Manager is responsible for securing the needed building material by assessing the construction site. Also, they work with architects and engineers on various projects such as commercial, residential, and federal buildings. Therefore, they must possess good leadership skills and customer service skills. Furthermore, a construction manager recruits construction workers and ensures that they follow all the codes and conducts at the site.


Average salary: $50,000 per annum

A plumber installs, maintains, and repairs the sewage and potable water systems. According to the client’s demand, plumbers work in houses, buildings, and plants. They often work in demanding work settings and require physical strength to carry out the work.

student getting plumbing training in a skilled trade program


Average salary: $27.18 per hour

Boilermakers are concerned with assembling and installing boilers, tanks, and vats that carry liquids or gases and various other compressed materials. In addition, boilermakers are supposed to work in harsh conditions and must be physically strong. So they ensure that they install boilers perfectly, that is, without any leaks or defects, and look after existing parts’ maintenance.

Landscape Designer

Average salary: $54,862 per year

Landscape designers are concerned with designing outdoor commercial and residential garden projects. First, they develop the outdoor places according to the climate and the space provided. Then, they use ornamental plants, sculptures, and attractive water features. They start by assessing the requirements and the budget of the client. Finally, they compile essential information like the soil types, site location, and surroundings.

HVAC Technician

Average salary: $23.25 per hour

HVAC technicians are concerned with installing, repairing, and maintaining heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air-conditioning systems. HVAC technicians can repair commercial and industrial units as well as residential units. The primary duties of an HVAC technician are to change the old filters, install a heat pump to cut off carbon emissions, and look after the maintenance and equipment up-gradation.


Skilled trades have become an excellent alternative to regular degree jobs. The most significant advantage is that it provides a stable future and a great career prospect. Skilled trade programs are the best way to learn a trade and all the expertise and precision. Students can complete these programs in a short time. They show a positive trend and, with the shortage of workers, it can easily accommodate the unemployed workforce. They are the future of jobs, and students must be encouraged to master at least one skilled trade.

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