Why Is The Demand For Welding Jobs Increasing Every Year In The U.S.?

Welding jobs are no doubt some of the highest-paid positions in the skilled trade industry. However, those considering welding as a career may be admiring what the demand for welders is. By joining a good welding school, one can upskill their education and bag the high-paying welding jobs.

While divining future demand in any business can be complicated, many factors point to a bright future in the welding trade. Thus, to gain such advanced education, an accredited welding school could be of excellent help!

Welder Job Statistics

The Bureau of Labour Statistics anticipates the need for welders to grow by 26 percent by 2025. It makes welding one of the fastest-growing jobs in America. The increasing demand for welders has created many job seekers to consider a career in welding. Indeed, the welding industry proposes a higher than average salary, good benefits, and a bright future.

What Welding Employers Look For?

In today’s generation, welders need professional education in relevant practices and new welding technologies. Although the demand for welders is high, employers are still looking for welders with training from a respected welding school. Additionally, they need to hire apprentices who have proper welder training and experience using appropriate safety methods.

Employers strive to find appropriately trained experts who understand the operation in the modern welding field. Unfortunately, the National Association of Manufacturers( NAM) reports that 60 percent of manufacturers usually turn away half of all applicants. It is due to a shortage of proper skill and training in the welding industry!

Factors Influencing Job Demand In The Welding Trades

There are numerous factors affecting welding jobs and welding demand. Here are merely a few of the things growing the future of welding careers in the U.S.

  • The recession of Current Welders

The boomer generation’s retirement impacts job numbers across the board and welding jobs are no exception. As a result, there is an assumption that there will be a deficit of 400,000 welders. For people unsure about the trades or sustainable work choices, welding is a great opportunity!

  • Manufacturing is on the Rise

Welding is a skill used beyond several industries, including automotive and aerospace, military applications, and construction. Thus, while manufacturing profits to the U.S. and production rises, the demand for welders will grow simultaneously with it.

Though, you may have to increase proficiency in various welding techniques or upgrade welder education. Still, the possibilities exist to move between jobs in manufacturing as the requirement emerges.

  • Automation is not a matter.

Welding automation has provided faster, repeatable, consistent results. Although, there are some working situations where automation is impossible. It drives the agility of human welders will eternally be in demand.

Beyond that, there will be an expansion in demand for individuals with knowledge of welding degrees. The welding skills support the development and application of relevant technologies, digital solutions, robotics, and automation.

  • Aging Infrastructure

The United States is taking an increase in the matter of its aging infrastructure. From energy and water pipelines to overpasses and bridges. Welding is needed to restore, repair, and reconstruct many elements that sustain our daily lives.

There will always be generation and maintenance of welding work as the government drives to fix the crumbling infrastructure.

  • Ongoing Welding Job Opportunities

The great thing about welding is the multiple different jobs and careers to choose from! While some are higher paying than others, they are all pretty exciting.

Enroll In A Welding Program

If you aspire to become a welder, the good news is that you do not have to spend years in schools and colleges seeking to get a fancy degree. In contrast, numerous welding certification programs are available for a welding course. Therefore, there are multiple other approaches to obtain the skills you require to land a welding job.

One needs to visit a trade school to study the craft. Additionally, there are industries such as construction or plumbing that provide on-the-job training. Indeed, all you need to do is gain experience and do some skills training if you want to learn the types of welding.

Explore Your Opportunities

welding jobs

Welding careers embrace a variety of jobs and industries. Therefore, do not confine yourself to what you believe you know about welding. Instead, explore different career possibilities and job postings.

If you are enthusiastic about traveling or working long hours, there are even more possibilities available. Think about your pursuits, your current skill set. Perhaps taking a welding job with a confined construction company is ideal for you. Maybe you would rather travel the world on a cruise ship or assist your country as a welder with the military.

The Final Verdict

Welding jobs are critical, and they are not going anywhere any time soon. Nevertheless, the demand for a certified welder will continue to grow over the next ten years. Therefore, an apprenticeship program may turn out to be very helpful considering this aspect!

Many graduated students work in high-paying cities. Few of the cities include:-

upper north Philadelphia, south Philadelphia east, south Philadelphia west, southwest Philadelphia and Camden, NJ

If you want to consider a career in welding and become a professional welder, Philadelphia Technician Training Institute is an excellent place to start. The various programs in this technical school will help you develop and refine skills in a fun and easy-to-follow setup.

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