Women In Welding – Sparking Inspiration To All

Today women are advancing their careers in unique ways. They are going in sectors like construction, automation as well as welding. Women in welding are breaking the traditional norms set earlier. In the past, women were hesitant to try it. But now, things have turned, and women in welding are producing quality work on par with men.

History Of Female Welders

While women were functioning across a range of trade industries, chances opened for them to weld. As a result, they handled many obligations and jobs in steel factories. Women welders helped build equipment, ships, aircraft, and weapons required by the troops. They worked hard to furnish parts and supplies.

In the following decades, women have continued to show their abilities in all kinds of roles. There are numerous opportunities for women who weld right now. She can improve and excel in this industry with a welding course .

Can Women Be Good At Welding?

There is a major misconception that women cannot become good at welding. This is absolutely not vague. There are already hundreds of outstanding examples of female welders that do great work. In some cases, they are becoming much better than men at it.

Women are significant at precision welding as they have a steady hand. They also keep an eye for aesthetics and will craft beautiful results. If you desire a nice-looking weld, you will notice that women have better patience to make a good one.

The Demand For Welders Is Rising

There are few people who are taking up welding. This is due to automated or robotic welding taking over the roles. Many people who do not want to enter this field think that they do not make adequate money. Thus they do not go to welder classes to learn how to weld.

Of course, this is not true. Many people wonder how to make welding money but are missing the bigger picture. This is where women are glancing for their opportunities. With a shortage of welders hitting the need, the women welders are going to look to step in.

welding learning

This does not mean that the quality will get compromised. Females in the industry are more suitable when it comes to replacing men. This is because they are well educated and have a lot of experience in the specialization of work.

Some of them have a more skilled approach to welding than men. However, as they are seen as inferior by some, they try to step their game up. The result is professional women are doing good at what they do.

Weld Like A Girl

There is an issue when women urge to welding learning in a predominantly male industry as they consider them inferior. There are cases where men did not see women who began a predominantly male type of work and were held back by their male superiors.

A male ego can get raised in such situations, and they will not stand being replaced by a girl. Thus there is sexual harassment in the workplace regarding women welders.

But, these things happened in the past only. Significantly with the advancement of the Me Too movement, there are substantially rare cases like these. Women are seen as equivalents and have begun to settle down in the industry.

This is not just because they stand as women. It is because they are actually performing great work, and men are seeing it. You will not hear somebody defaming a specific type of work because a woman has done it. They are not welding like women; they are welding as skilled workers who do fabulous jobs.

Opportunities For Women In Welding

Employers are examining skilled welders working in various environments with hands-on experience and welding training . Welders can work in several industries that comprise:

  • Construction and infrastructure
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Shipbuilding
  • Pipe welding
  • Manufacturing

welder classes

There are few female welders in the industry. While working on the job can be a possibility to form bonds with other women in the field. Pursuing a profession in welding also can give you the chance to help inspire other women to join the industry.

The welding training programs can help give women the skills they need. They feel confident while joining the workforce after graduation. You can qualify for an in-demand job as an entry-level welder.


Welding stands for the process of joining two pieces of metal together by employing different methods. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics , there are nearly 8% of women welders out of all of them operating in the US. They are operating in counties like Allegheny West, Cheltenham Avenue, Powelson Village, south Philadelphia east, and Darby, PA.

The number of female welders is rising further and further. It is estimated that by the year 2025, there will be a deficit of welders. So welding companies will hire women who know how to weld and will boost the industry.

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