Worst and Best States for Welding Jobs in 2022

You may be expected to proceed to another state for a decent salary, benefits, and job opportunities as a welder. Do some study before making any quick decisions. There is a lot of competition for decent welding jobs. For people in the welding enterprise, that implies going after whatever is accessible, even if it is not in your standard location.

But some nations are more decent than others regarding having enough welding jobs and an outstanding career environment. If a welder plans to move, he should look at the best and worst states for welding employment. This way, one can infer which state is best for a welder.

Worst States for Welding Jobs

South Dakota

If you are just beginning the welding program, you may struggle to find employment in South Dakota. It is among the slightest urbanized states in the United States. It has a low cost of living correlated to most states.

However, South Dakota has a flourishing economy that relies on real estate, tourism, and agricultural commodities, such as corn, beef, rye, wheat, and soybeans it is still one of the worst as it rates as the 3rd worst nation for welders. It is because it has the 4th lowest percentage of welding employment compared to the population in the nation.


If a welder is looking to create a living in Idaho, know that it is among the most demanding states in the United States for welders. This state comes in last regarding salaries and job chances correlated with the rest of the nation. Idaho is also rated second-to-last for employment concentration and competition.

One justification for this is that there are larger enterprises in the state. They utilize more people than the welding course does. Idaho is not realized for its car industry or manufacturing. So, there are not many huge companies employing welders. Instead, most welding jobs go to small industries or self-employed people.


Wyoming is the worst state for welders in the United States. There is less pay and limited welding employment here than in any other state. Nonetheless, it has seen a boost in welding businesses over the past years. But it is nonetheless not sufficient to keep up with needs.

It implies that welders looking for a job must see outside Wyoming if they need to get welding employment. The state places high on job needs and employer competition. But it plunges short when it arrives at paying and chances for welders.

Best States for Welding Jobs


Louisiana is the best state for welding businesses. It is because there are many chances for internships and full-time jobs. The state has many colleges that specialize in welding.

They give certification programs at an accessible cost. Also, Louisiana also gives high benefits and salaries. This state is an outstanding place to get commenced in the welding enterprise. Also, Louisiana has a robust community of qualified welders living state. They function in welding jobs in the gas and oil enterprise. It is due to the state’s region to direct the industry in natural gas and oil production in the US.

Moreover, steel welding employees are among the few careers with a regular salary higher than the national average wage. Louisiana’s status as a tremendous place to do industry makes it a go-to region for work in welding training.


Maine has the highest concentration of welding careers. Welders in this state receive a high annual average income compared to other nations in the US. Also, there is a great demand for skilled workers in this area. Entry-level welders in the state receive $26,142 yearly. It deciphers to $12.57 every hour.

The welding business here is lucrative with outstanding growth ability. There is more welding work than welders to fill some areas of the state. Maine has an elevated demand for welders because they are required in several welding jobs. For instance, they require welders in construction sites, shipbuilding yards, and manufacturing facilities.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire has excellent career opportunities in welding enterprises. New Hampshire’s growing economy is the envy of many nations across the US. The state’s community is thriving, and the unemployment price is low. So, there will be a ton of welding jobs accessible.

New Hampshire has various factors in its favor when it comes to jobs in welding. The state’s manufacturing area is large, and manufacturers want welders. The active community is also aging. So, the retirement of today’s employees will generate more openings for younger employees. The state has a high number of welding businesses available and also gives good pay. The average income in New Hampshire is above $40,000 per year for welders.


Vermont is a small state; it is one of the nation’s top 10 states for welders as per its job availability. It is also a great state to work and live in. Manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism are the leading enterprises in Vermont. So, they require skilled welders.

The state also has elevated starting incomes for an entry-level welding career. The regular hourly welder income is $21.35. Vermont is home to many corporations in the automotive and manufacturing enterprises. Both fields have high job vacancies. The state’s industrial sector is also mighty. It can give job chances for welders.

The top three characteristics contributing to its high ratings on the business market are quality of life, cost of living, and availability of jobs. Also, Vermont does not have the highest average salary; it still has a lower cost of living than numerous other states.

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