Do Construction Managers Make Good Money?

What does a construction manager do?

Construction managers overlook many people and activities. They lead building projects and ensure that everything is running smoothly from start to finish. They have to handle many different aspects of construction, make sure people in different construction roles are doing their jobs correctly. They also have to ensure that safety and hazard management protocols are followed correctly on site. Whether a building project finishes smoothly and on time depends on the skills of a manager. With so many responsibilities, it makes sense that a construction manager must be paid well. Corporations, governments, building companies, and even individuals are always looking for good managers who will complete their building projects.

What projects do they work on?

They may be hired for a wide variety of jobs. For example, they may be employed by individuals looking to make some home renovations or big corporations for remodeling office spaces or big construction projects such as apartment complexes, houses, business hubs. Even the construction of roads, bridges, towers, etc., requires the services of an able manager.

Does a construction manager need certification?

In the US, most construction managers are individual contractors and manage their businesses. Others hire them based on their skills and experience. Having credentials such as certifications and construction training jobs is expected and highly valued. It pays well to get hands-on training, certifications, and a degree in construction management courses from a top tech training school or construction school to learn the tricks of the trade.

What is the salary of a construction manager?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a certified construction manager in the US is  $95,260. And the demand and opportunities are growing at a rate of 8% annually, which is much more than the average growth rate of other jobs. With the pandemic situation getting under control, construction is on the rise. Jobs in construction are in high demand, and career opportunities in construction are a very lucrative option.

What are the training and skills for jobs in construction?

The best part about jobs in construction is that they require more hands-on training and practice than just bookish knowledge. This is a boon for students who may struggle in school but enjoy hands-on work. Although the job is labor-intensive, an eye for detail and specific skills are required for jobs in construction. Mistakes may cost a company billions of dollars in damages. Therefore, those with trade school certifications are highly sought after in the construction industry.

Work in construction

What are the duties of a construction manager?

Some specific duties are typical to all types of construction jobs. They have to ensure that these are taken care of and maintained throughout the project. These include:

Quality Management: Honesty in work and maintaining the integrity of the workers, contractors, and others involved in the job ensures that standards in the job are met and maintained. No shortcuts are to be taken to accomplish the tasks.

Cost Management: Unnecessary and unproductive objectives should be discarded. In case of any problems, the best and most cost-effective solutions are to be applied.

Safety Standards: Managers must ensure the job safety of everyone on-site, including checking and rechecking that parameters meet standard safety, eliminate possible hazards, and be briefed and trained in safety protocols.

Contract Administration: Everyone is bound to a contract, and work is to be done only according to the contract’s specifications. They must ensure that they meet the agreement’s provisions and all involved parties are content.

Information & Awareness: It is their responsibility to keep every involved party up to date on the project’s status and make sure that everyone is on the same page. They must be ready to deal with all questions and queries that any party may have. They are the ones who resolve issues firsthand.

How to become a construction manager?

With so many roles and responsibilities, a manager in the construction industry can demand a high level of respect and money for their services. Therefore, clients are looking for industry-certified individuals who have work experience in the field of construction. To start, one may pursue a career in construction by joining one of the top construction schools in a construction technician program. With this certification program, one can work in construction and gain work experience and on-the-job training. Eventually, one can become a construction manager by getting few industry certifications by qualifying for a written exam for the role.

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