How Do I Start A Welding Career

A welder is a qualified, skilled tradesman who trains in blending metals. They may work with iron, stainless steel, brass, or aluminum. In fact, the welder has diversified employment possibilities. They may serve in shipyards, building construction, manufacturing, the automobile industry, and even crafting.

Besides, welders have a role in building bridges and aircraft as a whole. Because individuals depend on the welders’ goods and products, they must have solid and stable earnings. Therefore, the accuracy and dependability of a welder’s work are crucial to public security.

What Are The Duties Of Welders

  • Correctly securing, positioning, and handling metal and metals parts with clips or braces.
  • Running the flame in the welding field.
  • Carefully managing and observing the flame and the materials to get weld.
  • Assessing the final weld to assure that it is appropriately completed and safe to work.
  • Managing the welding devices by cleaning them after usage and putting them in.

Welding Career Requirements & Education

To complete a Welding Certificate Program, it needs six to eighteen months of tenure. Courses cover welding learning basics and will furnish the student with the necessary expertise and skill to work upon completion.

Aspirants learn how to use welding tools carefully, study blueprints, and complete work positions. In addition to welding jobs, trainees learn to operate with others as a team and precise protocol for running as welders.

The next step is to attempt a two-year program that enhances a student’s abilities and knowledge. Furthermore, students who have gained an Associate’s Degree have had chances to improve their welding skills and discover how to serve as professionals.

Besides, some welders go to a college or university for four years and obtain a bachelor’s degree. With this level of study, welders have outstanding welding skills and can perform their job duties most professionally. In addition, a welder with a bachelor’s degree can earn a tremendous income.

What Salary Are You Going To Make?

Of course, the next point that will act as a strong motivator is how liberally you get paid for this. The pay is pretty alluring and will boost you to decide to weld as a career. Well, you have the numbers to verify it for yourselves; the average annual salary for welders amounts up to nearly $41,000.

However, if you add certifications and degrees to your career, the annual salary goes up by $48,000 roughly. Additionally, the figure can vary by five to ten percent, depending on the region you get in and the business you are working for.

welding training

Steps You Should Consider In Your Welding Journey

  • Complete Your High School

In high schools, you will come beyond several institutes that offer different types of welding courses. As an aspirant keen on becoming a welding technician, we recommend practicing every welding or metal fabrication course. It will help welders polish their rusted skills and give you an insight into the difficulties involved in different scaled projects.

Besides, you will be able to form solid foundations using these courses, and they will help you with your studies in college later on.

  • Obtain A Degree In Welding

Once you complete high school, you can engage in the welding program for 6 to 18 months. This program will get a degree or certificate that declares aspiring welders as a certified welders.

Furthermore, that will help you in exploring different jobs in welding. The welding program costs range depending on the institute that allows it and the term of the program. Roughly, the price falls to the extent of $3500-$20,000.

  • Take An Apprenticeship

Once you complete studying the courses and accepting the degree, you need to get real-world career experience. Welding training is an excellent way to do that. Besides, you will gain plenty of hands-on experience on real-life outlines, which will let you implement all the skills you acquired in your high school and college.

In addition to the effective implementation, an apprenticeship will encourage you to earn as a welding technician and provide you a quality rooting to start your private company.

  • Conclude Your Certifications

The last step to start your career is to get approved. Nevertheless, these certifications will assist you in validating your position and profession as a welding technician. Indeed, each of the specific certifications costs separate, but once you accept them, you can very well be on your idea to appeal for a project.

Job Prospects Of Welders Worldwide

Finally, it’s time to view for a job. Indeed, you will proceed across lots of opportunities to make a do among it. As the construction units are continuously on the road to deterioration, the need to patch them and repair them is undeniable. So a welder will always need to perform these patching-up duties.

You may wish to opt for the automobile industry if you appear to be an enormous fan of cars. Similarly, if your long-lost purpose was to grow an astronaut, you can also serve NASA, helping them work on different space shuttles in their workshops.

However, do retain in mind that you expect to relocate or travel constantly to manage the sight work given the nature of the job. So if you appear to be a face of traveling, you can perpetually fulfill this dream as a certified welding technician!


Welding jobs are essential for every part of the community. In fact, the market for welders will only rise over the next ten years, which suggests the jobs will be reliable in the future, too! Therefore, an apprenticeship program may turn out to be very beneficial considering this aspect!

Many graduated students work in high-paying cities, including Powelton Village, North Philadelphia, South Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, and North Philadelphia east.

If you think starting your productive career in welding or improving your skills to qualify for a new position, PTTI is an excellent place. Not only will the program serve you to grow and develop skills, but you will also get in an easy and fun way. Therefore, know what you want and create the space that’s right for you. Get started today!

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