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Is career in healthcare industry ideal for women?

Why would like to join the healthcare industry? I am a woman of color – can I expect a career in the Healthcare industry? Where can I start to check whether I am made for it?

Below we would talk about – How the healthcare industry stacks up on gender equality? This is the question every woman who intends to be part of the industry would want to know.

Would discuss about the smoothest way to get into the industry and craft a career post that.

Healthcare has always been an industry of choice for women for many reasons. Over 60% of employees in the US entering healthcare industry are women.

Women, especially women of color, remain underrepresented in leadership positions in other industry but that is not the case in healthcare industry. They are better represented at all levels than in other industries.

Based on the above statistics healthcare in the US is one of the top industries for working women. Moreover, no gender gap in promotion rates in healthcare – unlike in most industries, good compensation and flexibility lead to greater career satisfaction. Women in healthcare report higher work satisfaction than Men (75:71).

This is also a strategic decision on the part of the industry to have diversity as it gives them a work advantage – in some cases treatment by females have a higher % of surviving – for eg: cardiac care.

Women can get into healthcare, craft a career and have a variety of experiences.

Now the question is how can you get into healthcare industry in the shortest time? There are many programs that lead to the entry gate of the industry, although would like to share one that – in 8 months can get you into the industry as a Central Services and Sterile Processing Technician where a nursing degree can take between 15 months and two years to complete.

Sterile Processing Technicians or Central Service Professionals are in high demand in the nursing and medical field as their roles play a major part in infection prevention, cleaning and decontamination, inventory/equipment management, and other areas in the medical industry.

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