Concrete, Masonry & Framing Training Program

Construction and infrastructure industry is growing consistently and will keep growing, which will ultimately increase the number of jobs for Concreting, Masonry and Framing technicians. Every homeowner at some point have come across a faulty floor and knows the importance of Concreting, Masonry and Framing professional.

Have you ever come across homes with stone exteriors beautifully built? Well, if you have, you have noticed the art of a mason.

After graduation, a student can start working as a concrete worker, construction assistant or constructor.

To know more about the average income for Concreting, Masonry and Framing, you can check here .

What will you be expected to learn (and perform!) in our program?

  • Concreting Safety
  • Blueprint reading and shop math
  • Introduction to Foundation
  • Wall Construction
  • Floor Construction
  • Drainage
  • Retrofits and Add-on
  • Concreting Applications in Real Life

We help you with Resume Writing & Interviewing as well as Job Placement Assistance even before graduation.

PTTI alumni receive lifetime support from the PTTI Community!
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