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Automotive Engineering – Car Lover’s Top Choice

Did you know that your passion and love for cars can develop into an excellent and lucrative career? One of the most rewarding, challenging and stimulating careers is in automobile engineering. If you are enthusiastic about cars, love problem solving and want to be an asset to the industry, a career in automotive engineering is the right choice for you.

Automotive engineering covers every aspect of the automobile and more. It involves studying and incorporating fundamentals of mechanical, electrical, software, design, safety, operations, manufacturing, repairs, maintenance of cars, trucks and other such vehicles. And to satisfy your love for cars, it includes modification and customization of vehicles and you can show your creative and innovative skills and become a sought after industry professional.

What is Automotive Engineering

Automotive Technician

Automotive engineering encompasses the study of all the processes including concept, design, development, manufacturing, fabrication, production and testing of vehicles and their components. The three major sectors in the field of automobile engineering are production, development and manufacturing.

An important skill for this course is an aptitude for resolving mechanical problems. Aesthetics, mobility, design, automotive materials including electrical components and electronics, automobile compatible computer software, vehicle maintenance, concepts of Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Fuels and Lubricants, IC Engines, Automotive Chassis, Gas Turbine, Vehicle Dynamics, Design of Automotive Components, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning of automobiles, off-road, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, pollution and control, Engineering vehicle bodies and emerging automotive technologies are some of the aspects covered in the study of automotive engineering. The application of mathematics, mathematical formulas and modelling is a very important part of this research-intensive, exciting and challenging field.

What is Automotive Engineering
There are a variety of sectors in the field of automotive engineering which provides ample career opportunities such as in production plants of vehicles, the research and development wing of manufacturing plants of vehicles, the service stations and repair and maintenance sections of car workshops and automobile sales showrooms and dealerships, state transport corporations, pollution control of motor vehicles and insurance companies among others. Experts in these fields have to keep themselves updated with the current norms of the industry and of new and emerging innovations and technologies that are upcoming in the industry.

Automotive Technician – A right choice

new automotive component

Every day a brand new automotive component and product is introduced in the market. With new developments in technology, the automobile industry is a booming sector. We need transport and newer and better means of transport and a skilled automotive technician is highly valuable in small and large businesses. A customer that drives off with their new vehicle is taking with them not just a  piece of transport, but the skill and expertise of an automotive technician whose work in these sophisticated technologies helps create an experience which brings thrill and freedom to the senses and revolutionises the concept of mobility.

When it comes to job satisfaction, if you are interested in motor vehicles and their components, how they work, how they are repaired and maintained, a career as an automotive technician is the right choice for you. An automotive technician works with a variety of vehicles, gas, alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles to inspect, repair and maintain their smooth functioning including specializing in braking systems, transmission, running diagnostic tests, optimization, fine-tuning, disassembling and reassembling, customizing and modifications, cooling and air conditioning and wheel bearings among others. Knowledge of the industry norms, government regulations, state and transport laws and guidelines, maintenance of services and repair documentation are other important aspects of the work of an automotive technician. In addition to these, as the industry is introduced to changes and innovations, an increazing number of automotive technicians are required to understand and work on hybrids, vehicles which run on alternative fuel, electricity and ethanol and must be up to date on the electronic systems and that run newer models of vehicles.
automotive industry

A career in automotive industry is the right choice for your love for cars. As an automotive technician, you can earn an average salary of $39,510 with an industry growth rate of 1.7% where the US automotive repair and maintenance services industry where the combined annual revenue of about $115 billion which includes upwards of 160,000 establishments that provides stable and sustainable employment to skilled and certified industry professionals. Customer interaction and handling clients is essential as businesses depend on clients who find the services provided by the automotive technicians worthy and reliable. Being a good listener and heeding the needs and requirements of the clients and answering customer questions along with delivering the required services and products are valuable attributes which are respected in the industry. Such skills, abilities and experience provide an edge to the career and opportunities for remarkable growth to automotive technicians and help in establishing themselves as reliable names in the industry.

Your love for automobiles will drive you towards a career in automotive as a certified expert with an automotive technician training from one of the top trade school in Philadelphia. With a certification program and hands-on work experience, you can reach top positions in the industry with your skills, experience, training and merit. You can practice your creative and innovative ideas in the field and make yourself a valuable asset. Your passion and love for cars can take you to fulfill your dreams on working on every aspect of a car, testing the parts and systems, identifying problems and solving them, check-ups, testing and lubricating engines, running diagnostics, oil changes, wheel alignments and balancing, tire rotations, brakes, wheel bearings, care and maintenance, assembly and modifications and make you a well paid and sought after certified technician in a career that is exciting, lucrative and well established.


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