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Facts about automation technology you didn’t know of

The impact of technology on humans is considerably going beyond our realization; the true extent is something we can only guess at. The future reality will be a robot-driven world and might be something termed as fancy as immersive virtual reality. Automation technology-powered Robots will be our replacement bodies. Far before it’s too late it’s important to consider the impact whether the future robotics laid foundation world would be a boon or turn out to be a massive disruption of our conventional lives and society.

This article discusses some of the automation facts you didn’t know of and building a career in the automation industry.

Fascinating Facts in the automation sector

  • The automation profession or automation trade school is not just confined to one sector. A professional may find himself in roles ranging from technicians, engineers, sales, field techs, managers, technical gurus, commissioning specialist, field system engineers, Industrial automation technician, automation project manager, PLC programmer, Automation application engineer, and process experts.
  • The work of the Automation professionals may involve customers from various segments comprising end users, system vendors, integrators, engineering firms, etc.
  • Although the automation sector may seem like a fairly new horizon the origin dates back to ancient Greece. Greek automaton is seen as the Latinization or “acting of one’s own will”. Many complex mechanical devices are known to have existed in Hellenistic Greece, one surviving being the analog computer ( Antikythera mechanism.)
  • Detroit has an automation type named after it- “Detroit automation” that comprises dynamic parts with automatic adjustments made to the positioning of the tools
  • The period 1860-1910 is often exclaimed to be “The Golden Age of Automata” as many small companies of automata makers emerged in Paris.
  • There’s a massive rise predicted in the markets of the automation industry. 2016-17 period saw a 36% rise in the marketing automation horizon alone.
  • Since the great depression, automation has been adopted in almost every industry, used for solving unique problems of their sector. Information Technology (IT), Numerically Controlled (NC) equipment, robots, Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), and Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) are some of the prominent ones currently in an association.

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A career in the automation Industry

Automation technology as a career is not everyone’s piece of cake. It requires an individual to be on their toes while repairing or modifying the equipment that they are associated to. The automation technician needs to verify, scrutinize the issue and address the problem backed by critical and logical thinking approaches. This profile further comprises various professionals for a different set of specialized functions like a specialist for customer care, a diagnostic specialist: the one who handles parts and masters in them.

The job functions and responsibilities will usually range from Instrument and Electrical Technician at the start of your career, and then towards more advanced skills requirements for profiles of Electrical and Controls design, Programmable Logic Controller Programmers, and also into IT-related functions; database management administration duties for database design, business and process control network segmentation, SQL scripting for generation of regulatory report and collection of historical data.

Thus, Automation engineers have specializations in technology crafted to control the process, production, and delivery of products. They are usually associated with automated machinery designing, diagnosing, programming, and testing processes. An automation engineer is often employed by companies operating mainly in mass production; automobile manufacturing or food processing plants.

Automation technicians are expected to operate quickly as per the specifications and demands of the customers and must be acclimatized with the usage of computers and some software devices to excel in their horizon. Over and above maintaining strong soft skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking is crucial as an automation technician. If you are an individual full of Inquisitiveness backed by rational approaches, this job is the best fit for you.

Automation Technician Wages

The wages in this field vary from industry to industry and location. A new appointee can earn a minimum of $30000 per year. The average salary of an Automation Engineer in the United States is $90,411 per year. As the career progresses, 5 years down the line can earn up to $70000 per year, and establishing oneself as an all-rounder can earn up to $100000 per year.

Future Prospects

The automation industry is evergreen, as people will never leave riding their favorite vehicles. Every day a newer technology and machine will enter the market. It is very crucial to get specialized education in this field. The automotive technician school; Philadelphia Technician Training Institute provides extensive courses related to automotive technology.

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The Automation Program is mainly crafted to train students in electronics and electronic troubleshooting, industrial automation, manufacturing technologies, and process controls. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that equips you with hands-on experience on all the required tech and thereby mastering the techniques.

It not only trains you to be a proficient worker but also assists in Job Application Skills like resume writing, communication skills, and support through interviewing processes and provides great career services to enable the students to land desired roles/jobs.

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Concluding Notes

The emergence of technology has impacted our lives and the functioning of the surroundings beyond imagination. The beginning of the 19th Century marks the revolution of the widespread adoption of industrial processes. Slowly, the inventions geared with automation seem to be on an exponential rise. With the progress of time, the bifurcations in the subjects of biology, smart electronic material, mechanical understanding, embodiment, artificial intelligence, are converging. Manufacturing, Electronic, and Robotics backed by automation processes have completely influenced the lives of millions around the world and changed the way of living. It has thus played a crucial part in the evolution of mankind.

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