What does a manufacturing and automation technician do?

A manufacturing and automation technician is responsible for manufacturing, checking, and assembling machinery, equipment, and machinery parts using advanced technology. It is the responsibility of a manufacturing and automation technician to follow all the regulations, rules, policies, and procedures regarding health, safety, and environmental conservation while doing their part. Their work should not harm the environment in any manner.

Their onus is to adjust mechanical and electrical equipment to guarantee quality production. They should know how to work with ring gauges, calipers, height gauges, micrometers, protractors.

They are responsible for inspecting the quality of the finished products and making sure that the finished products adhere. And also stand in compliance with customer’s specifications and the set quality standards. They can efficiently work in small and congested areas.

They continuously monitor the production processes and check if the manufactured equipment maintains its required quality and productivity.

A manufacturing and automation technician tests the products for functionality or quality. They can adapt and work on many tasks in a day like installing and repairing electrical components, testing and troubleshooting.

Installing new electrical systems and equipment in machinery while ensuring that the installed equipment and their standards meet all the necessary building and electrical codes. Mechanical electricians troubleshoot and repair electrical equipment, assuring that the equipment. And the machine as a whole is working normally as they should be or even in a better way.

Industrial electricians’ job is carrying out pre-scheduled maintenance of machines, assuring better working in future. An industrial electrician must not deceit their customers and do the repair work to their best capacity. Also following the best standards, help them save money, and maintain good business relations.

Manufacturing technicians communicate with their customers and keep them informed about the machinery’s updates and regular maintenance requirements. And respond to the customer’s requests for repairs and maintenance.

Manufacturing Technicians assist skilled and master engineers in developing, testing, and building new machines and equipment. They can also build and develop new products. Manufacturing and automation technicians check the overall quality of the assembled machine (the final product) and generate maintenance logs.

They prepare reports on the operating results of the final products and check. Whether the product is functioning according to the protocols and standards set by the company. Manufacturing Technicians make sure whether the machines are under control are functioning at optimal efficiency. Learn more about what a manufacturing and automation technician does.


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Average salary of a manufacturing and automation technician in the US is $48,091 and can go upto $57,165.

Salary varies according to education qualifications, certifications, other skills, and experience in the profession.


    An advanced manufacturing technician needs to be focused and detail-oriented. Being attentive towards details is a skill that remains important to date in the manufacturing business. The manufacturing and automation technician should have precision in his manufacturing work.
    The manufacturing worker is responsible for troubleshooting and repairing problems as and when they come.
    This requirement is not just in manufacturing or manufacturing training programs but in every skilled trade job you choose. Employers hire individuals who have an interest in their work and love what they do.
    Working with machines and unaware of technology? These two combinations just don’t work.Skilled trade jobs like manufacturing technician need the person to be passionate about using and learning about new technology. Technology keeps constantly evolving and changing so should the manufacturing technician.
    Communication is an utmost important skill that the individual should possess to be successful in the industry. As mentioned above, the industrial technician also needs to communicate effectively with their customers to understand their needs. And demands and at the same time communicate the solutions to them.


Is the Manufacturing and Electrician Training Program right for me

To become one, you would first need to complete your high school and get into a manufacturing and automation training program. Because completing high school or its equivalent is a standard requirement of trade schools. Choose a certified trade school capable of training students in electronics and electronic troubleshooting, manufacturing technologies, industrial automation and process controls.

This manufacturing and automation training program helps in inculcating all the required skills that a manufacturing technician must have. These trade school programs also assist you in getting the ASE certification. This is essential for a successful career as a Manufacturing and automation technician in this industry.


There are many tasks that a manufacturing and automation technician is required to perform daily. Overall the job is a satisfying one. Those passionate about it can work wonders and even develop their new inventions. Since they work with the most updated technology version every day.

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