How can I change my life with a career in skilled trades?

There are people in difficult situations, like homeless, single mothers, jobless, without a high school degree, recently divorced, and many more. Their life seems to be extremely difficult, and they strive hard to make both ends meet. With no feasible earning, no source of regular income, earning the daily bread would be a challenging task for them. Therefore, anything that enters their lives as a source of hope proves no less than a blessing for them. This hope comes in the form of skilled trades in demand. Skilled trades are jobs or employments that require the individual enrolled to be a professional or good at specific skills necessary in these skilled trades to perform the given task with complete sincerity and perfection.


Numerous top-paying trades hold the prospect of life-changing career experience to be provided to the people employed in them. These trades are:

  • Welding

A welder is responsible for joining metal pieces by melting the ends using intense heat followed by condensation of the product.

Now, understanding the career-changing prospect of welding: The monetary gains play the most crucial role in changing people’s lives. Welding is one such industrial, skilled trade where one could earn as high as an average salary of $17.90 per hour. Therefore, a person employed in the welding industry, skilled trade, could be earning  $55,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $99,725 per year, which is impressive. With this high amount of money earned, one can change his/her career and lead a meaningful life.

  • Construction

A construction worker is responsible for working at construction sites, building and constructing houses, monuments, factories, offices, and every structure imaginable. A construction worker has a high average income which is approximately $15.74 per hour. The annual wage of a construction worker was $36,860 in 2019.

If you are one such person who is hardworking and has good physical strength at the same time, choosing this vocational trade could prove to be a career-changing decision for you. You can earn a good amount of money and also at the same time involve your positive attributes of working hard and good physique into the vocational trade you do.

Training for a career in skilled trades central sterile processing

  • Central sterile processing technician

Good at observing details? Well, it’s time you involve this quality of yours into the work you do. A central sterile processing technician cleans and sterilizes medical equipment and tools used during crucial life-saving surgeries. A sterile technician can earn up to $26.39 per hour, and    annually, the average annual pay in the United States is $48,224

which is great. Having been paid for what you love doing or what you are good at has its importance and value in one’s life. Involve this ability of yours to be in love with detailed work into your trade job. You would fall in love with what you would be doing, and this could be a career-changing decision.

  • Plumbing

A plumber works with pipes and ensures the proper flow of water and other liquids through these pipes. The average hourly salary of a plumber is $24.96, and the annual salary could be as high as $55,160.

This amount of the annual wage released could help improve your living conditions and the quality of your life. Just make sure you choose the profession after being entirely confident about the skills and qualities it requires in you. Otherwise, there would be no use in a vocational trade if you have no interest or command.

These were just a few examples. The list of trades providing you with the necessary life-changing experience is very long.

Not just these material benefits, going into skilled trades would help in improving the person inside you by insulating in you certain qualities that make a human being worthy of being called one.

These are:

  • Decision making
  • You gain experience
  • It takes half the time
  • Skilled trade experts make a good living.



You would agree that every job you get into requires the person to be skilled to give him some recognition in the market. The first step is joining a trade school and getting into their skilled trade programs. Trade school specializes in insulating in you the required professional skills with the help of their expert educators and instructors in that particular trade program. They teach you the proper manner to work in these high-paying skilled trade jobs.


These trade schools and their trade school programs are the first step to changing your life positively and satisfyingly. Moreover, skilled trades can be very fruitful for your career to make monetary and mental satisfaction. Financial Aid and Counselling is also available to help you make the most of your life.

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