When Is National Skilled Trades Day?

National Skilled Trades Day is observed every year on the first Wednesday in May and has now imprinted its place in the annual calendars. The day aims to create awareness amongst the youth regarding the importance and increasing demand for skilled trades in the United States.

It has become increasingly common to see parents and teachers echoing the same message that they should attend colleges to have a promising future. But training and job opportunities in trades have proved that it is not valid.

National Skilled Trades Day is an excellent initiative that highlights halting the outdated narrative and informing the parents, teachers, business owners, and most importantly, students about the value of a career in the Skilled Trades.

National Skilled Trades Day 2021

Students in skilled trades programs

The National Skilled Trades Day 2021 was observed in schools, communities, businesses, and individuals in their ways.

  • Pupils were encouraged to let the world know more about the need for and importance of skilled trade jobs. Trade jobs are the college alternative.
  • Pupils and their parents were encouraged and enlightened about the bright career of their children in trades and how they can skip the four-year college degrees and still earn a satisfactory amount throughout their lives.
  • Community support was extended to parents who are considering their children to join skilled trade programs.
  • Even for times to come, schools should encourage students and take the initiative to visit construction sites and the real-life situations of those involved in skilled trade jobs.
  • Business owners use radio and television to highlight the benefits of learning a skilled trade. It is of utmost importance to let people know about the best paying trade jobs.
  • For those already into the trade business, having a party or lunch arranged for the employees is regular.
  • To encourage more people to take up the trades in high demand, interviewing a successful skilled trade worker, and asking questions like ‘Why did they choose a career in the skilled trades? How comfortable is their life?

What lessons did they learn by working in trades? Why would they recommend it to people? It can prove a big boost.

  • If you see someone in a public place, be sure to thank them in a uniform.

Top Paying Skilled Trades

  • Electrician (Average annual salary:$56,181)

An electrician is responsible for planning electrical systems, inspecting and maintaining transformers and circuit breakers. In addition, they are involved in installing and fixing issues in wiring and fuse boxes.

  • Welder (Average annual salary range $33,707 – $85,034)

A welder is responsible for connecting metals and metal parts by producing intense heat via an electric medium.  A welder is also responsible for smoothing metal surfaces after welding them together.

  • Pipefitter/steamfitter (Average Annual salary:$55,162)

Pipefitters are involved in taking advanced blueprints for piping systems at residences or even at commercial places. They then construct the piece into reality. Skills required in this trade business are cutting and hammering pipes and assembling them using welding and soldering.

  • Plumber (Average annual salary: $55,162)

Plumbers are responsible for installing, maintaining, and replacing pipelines in the kitchen and bathrooms. The job comes with a high degree of independence, flexibility, and income stability and flexibility.

  • Automotive service technician (Average Annual Salary: $40,000)

Automotive technicians are responsible for performing scheduled  vehicle maintenance work, Diagnosing and fixing car problems, Coming up with plans to repair cars.

How To Get Into The Best Skilled Trades

Automotive technician training

To earn well in skilled trade business, the interested candidate must have achieved formal or professional training from a certified training school, also called a trade school or technician training school. You can join trade schools after completing your post-secondary education. For getting into a trade school, a high school diploma or GED is necessary. However, many trade schools sometimes provide GED assistance and free GED preparation for those without a high school diploma.

A specialized trade school offers the best practical and hands-on training. In addition, students learn from experienced professionals in the field.

Trade schools are often flexible and can accommodate students from varying backgrounds. Trade schools are designed to help the students complete their studies in the least time and start working and earning quickly.

Trade school programs prepare students for entering into these high-paying trade careers, including construction management, electrical engineering, welding, plumbing, boiler making, sterile processing, and even more.


Opportunities in skilled trade jobs are growing today, and more and more people are getting involved in them. The contribution that skilled trade workers make to the people’s lives through their outstanding work.  We should thank them, and that’s why we observe the National Skilled Trades Day. Enlightening and encouraging students to take this up and explore their benefits. That is the best way to allow skilled trade workers to feel proud about their work and gain recognition and respect.

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