Role of Technical Training in Molding the Pipefitting Career

Suppose you are searching for a fulfilling career that benefits you in earning a lucrative income and makes your professional life interesting. In that case, taking a pipefitting career is the best option you have these days. However, a pipefitter’s job is not for everyone, and you can only do this if you are good with plumbing equipment. A pipefitting career requires technical knowledge, for which training is necessary.

However, if you can do this work with the right kind of education, great opportunities await you. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a pipefitting career is likely to grow 12% until the year 2022. Willing to take the pipefitter’s training? If yes! You can check out Philadelphia Technical Training Institute (PTTI) Program. With six months of intensive training and industry-experienced teachers, you can get training to create a new and beneficial career as a Pipefitter, Pipe Fabricator, plumber, and Steamfitter. Here, you will learn various technical skills required to be the best in the pipe fitting field.

Availing The Construction Skills

The training for plumber or pipefitter jobs starts with the basics of construction skills. It is a vital element of the construction process, including both new constructions and maintaining the building. Therefore, it is also essential to learn the calculations in the construction business, the know-how of technical drawings, and the ways to handle the construction materials.

It is vital to have good communication skills to survive in this field. In addition, people must follow the safety measures strictly when they are working on the construction site. The training and knowledge about pipe fitting allow you to communicate better on the site and teach you to be safe in any critical condition.

Get Acquainted with Various Tools and Techniques of Steam, Sprinkler, And Pipe Fitting

Plumber or pipefitter jobs are more than just fixing the leaky faucet of the bathroom. Plumbers must also know steam fitting, sprinkler systems, boiler piping, sewage system, and road aqueducts.

For the steam fitting, you would need different types of training, and the person who does this work is known as a steamfitter. It involves functions like assembling, installing, repairing, and maintaining pipes.

Every task associated with plumbing has different tools. While going to a pipefitter school, you will understand the usage of each piece of plumbing-related equipment. If you have never raised the power tool even once, you will learn it quickly with proper training. You will get proper training from fundamental tools to the specific tools of plumbing and pipefitting. You will also get the chance to operate with water-based appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and techniques to install and repair them.

You will also know about different pipes such as copper, galvanized steel, cast iron, PVC, and metals in the pipefitter training. Moreover, you will also apprehend where to use each type of pipe. You will receive various skills like pipe cutting and fitting, identification of plumbing fixtures, and implementation of special piping and advanced welding.

The Job of Pipefitter, Steamfitter, is a Real Hard work

Pipefitting jobs are a fascinating craft that you cannot learn by studying or reading about it. If you have watched a video on Youtube about various Pipe accessories and system testing techniques, it is excellent, but you need to get your hands dirty to fulfill the requirements of this job. In pipefitting work, you will also need to know the installation of pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

You will also get particular work like fixing leaks, damaged pipes, and other problems. In any such condition, you will have to evaluate the situation, know the root cause of the problem, and develop the most desirable solution. Once you acquire the skills of finding the problem, it will become easy for you to get the solution. We hope by the above-given explanation, you would get a comprehensive picture of the pipefitting career.


If you want extensive learning and experience in this field, you can surely take a professional course from Philadelphia Technical Training Institute (PTTI). We have hands-on expertise in the plumbing industry, which will mold new plumbing enthusiasts’ career paths.

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