What Is The Highest Paid Electrician Job?

In the career to become an electrician, people specialize in electrical elements of building structures, machinery, power grids, and related equipment. Electricians are in charge of examining, repairing, fitting, and rewiring current circuits and building new electrical circuits. It is commonly considered a challenging career choice with some hazards and uncertainties. People in electrician jobs may be employed in building renewable electrical strategies or in repairing existing electrical services.

However, to become an electrician is not an easy journey. It needs education, internships or learning in school, and years of documented experienced experience to be certified. Here we will describe the details of electricians, like their role, education, and jobs.

What Do Electricians Do?

Electricians generally do the following:

  • Look over blueprints or technical diagrams
  • Install and maintain wiring and lighting systems
  • Scan electrical components like transformers and circuit breakers
  • Specify electrical problems using various testing devices
  • Repair or replace wiring, device, or fixtures using power tools and hand tools
  • Obey state and local building laws based on the National Electrical Code
  • Direct and train employees to install, repair, and maintain electrical wiring or equipment.

Education For Becoming An Electrician

  • Complete Education: To become an electrician, students must pass class 10th, with an aggregate of 50% of marks or equivalent to it from a recognized board. Also, students have to be clear about how to become an electrician after class 12th.
  • Gain Certification: Students may pursue the Diploma Course in various branches of engineering by lateral entry. Electricians may join the electrician certification program to pursue their careers.

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What Are The Highest Paid Electrician Jobs ?

Electrician careers are beneficial in an electricity-dependent world and have a steady demand. The job needs several hours of hands-on training for electrician and involves substantial risk, making electricians modern-day heroes. Electricians can do numerous things, contingent on their training. The earnings also depend on specialization and other facets like company, experience, and education. Some of the highest-paying electrician jobs are:

Electrical Superintendent

As an electrical superintendent, one can earn up to $88,500 each year, in turn making you one of the highest-paid electricians. Electrical superintendents have several supervisory roles but also install and plan electrical systems. They can deal with new and existing constructions and work on residential and commercial projects. Superintendents manage the projects, hire subcontractors, and oversee testing.

Automation Technicians

At a national median salary of $77,818 annually, automation technicians are on the higher verge of the profession’s spectrum. They are accountable for electrical systems regulating automation in various manufacturing settings and industrial processing. In addition, automation technicians need programming expertise to repair, install, and troubleshoot automated systems.

Oil Rig Electricians

Electricians establishing and maintaining oil rig electrical equipment and infrastructure are among the highest-paid in their careers. An oil rig electrician earns $65,000 on average, and higher roles can make up to $85,000. These electricians can drop into three main categories that are general, electrical, or chief electrician.

Electrical Systems Designer

These electricians can obtain anything from $65,000 to $85,000. This moderate salary span signifies consistent salary, and those pursuing such electrician careers have significant room for advancement. The electrical procedures designer job market is active with numerous hiring companies. The job implicates assisting power distribution, telecom, and utility companies with public grids and outer wires.

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Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician is like an industrial electrician with limited experience in manufacturing equipment and settings. These electricians can conduct various services, including repairing, installing, maintaining, and managing commercial electrical techniques and equipment. Commercial electricians attain around $39,000 every year.

Wiring Technician

The income range of a wiring technician is $26,000 to $36,000 annually. Wiring technicians can install and repair electrical cables and wiring supplying electrical power. In addition, the electrician job training involves voltage regulators, troubleshooting transformers, and maintenance in other difficult situations. Most wiring technicians function in utility companies full-time and may also be known for natural diseases and emergencies.

Construction And Maintenance Electrician 

These electricians can accomplish various services in industrial and commercial settings, real estate, and other buildings. Construction and maintenance electricians design, install, plan, and maintain electrical equipment and systems, earning around $65,000 each year. Maintenance electricians may earn less (around $60,000), but these areas overlap.

Industrial Electrician

The national median salary for an industrial electrician is around $60,000 yearly. These electrician programs execute various roles, including maintaining and repairing electrical equipment in commercial and manufacturing settings. There is never a shortage of enterprises and factories, so industrial electricians enjoy continual need and high salaries, relying on the enterprise’s profitability.

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