Who Makes More Money: Electricians Or Pipefitters?

What are the Best Skilled Trade Programs? Electrician or Pipefitter?

Electricians, as well as pipefitters today, have indeed proved the worth of skilled trade programs. These workers are some of the most highly paid individuals today. Not only do they perform their daily activities, but they serve society as well. These two job roles have quite similar training processes, besides the comparable wages associated. However, pipefitters seem to have an increased employment rate, expected to grow up till 2026. By opting for these skilled trade programs, one can gain advanced training and hands-on experience in various aspects of this field. You will need to consider many factors when looking for the right trade skill to pursue. However, the main question today revolves around who generally earns more, an electrician or a pipefitter.

What Should one do to Become an Electrician?

Electricians have to make sure that the overall electricity flow in a location runs smoothly and safely. Apart from that, they may have to spend most of their time traveling to sites, especially buildings belonging to clients. Indeed, the duties that an electrician has to carry out are pretty important for society to progress. To carry out such tasks with utmost precision, an advanced level of training is a must. One can join an electrician program and gain the necessary skills to pursue a career in this field. You can complete the course in just six months. There are many electrician trade schools offering such courses for quite an affordable price.

What Should One do to Become a Good Pipefitter?

Pipefitters have to deal with environments involving pipes that transport chemicals or other substances. Thus, to carry out such duties, they will need to be physically fit since they might have to move heavy equipment or deal with repair-related operations. Apart from that, they must have the necessary problem-solving skills too. Pipe fitting is not an easy task. You need mechanical skills to handle equipment and tools. A plumbing certification program can help an individual to pass all the qualifications of a good pipefitter. One can finish this program in six months as well. Therefore, if you wish to pursue a career in this field, consider enrolling in a plumbing program today!

What are the Comparable Job Responsibilities of Electricians and Pipefitters?

Hands-on electrician training in an electrician program

One of the everyday things that both the pipefitter and the electricians must follow is the building codes. Both professions involve installing setups by using the necessary tools. Apart from that, systems also need to be checked or repaired, depending on the situation. Although electricians might have to travel to their customer’s locations, pipefitters are primarily involved in factory-related operations. There are many electrician courses and programs available for students who wish to learn more about many aspects of this field. One can also upskill their knowledge and fill in positions for pipefitting roles by opting for a good plumbing trade school.

Job Responsibilities of an Electrician

An Electrician has to study specific building plans and layouts. Apart from that, he may also have to make sure that the wires running through the building are not damaged. Helpers and other apprentices may have to work under the guidance of a superb electrician. High knowledge of testing power tools as well as other electrical operations is a must.

Job Responsibilities of a Pipefitter

A pipefitter has to examine and record blueprints, ensure that strict building codes and other rules are in place. Yet again, they have to supervise apprentices. A good pipefitter might also have to perform specific testing procedures while conducting pressure examinations. However, the primary role of pipefitters mainly deals with the installation, maintenance, and repairing of pipes that transport chemicals and other substances used in buildings.

How High is the Demand for Electricians and Pipefitters at the Moment?

The demand for both electricians and pipefitters is increasing at a steady rate, especially considering the job outlook. Apart from that, the BLS expects the employment rate for electricians to grow about 10 percent. However, they expect the employment rate for pipefitters to grow approximately 14 percent up till 2028. Indeed, it would not be wrong to say that these specialized trade programs are not just careers but also life-long investments since the need for both electricians and pipefitters is never-ending. One can now find these trade programs in a pipefitter school, especially if they are interested in pipefitting, steam fitting, or plumbing. Apart from that, one can also join advanced electrician programs by enrolling in an electrician school in Philadelphia.

What are the Salaries of Electricians and Pipefitters Respectively?

Electricians earn about $56,180 annually. Besides, pipefitters earn around $55,160 annually. According to BLS, the hourly salary of electricians is approximately $25.50, whereas, for pipefitters, it is $25.46. Therefore, it is evident that electricians earn comparatively more than pipefitters, although the difference is not much. In many reputable trade schools, the placement rate for both electricians and pipefitters is approximately 92 percent. Indeed, both electricians, as well as pipefitters are beneficial for the development and well-being of society.


Students in an electrician school in Philadelphia
Indeed, pipefitters and electricians have a lot of things in common. As two different professions, both associate with commercial as well as residential installation and repair procedures. However, pipefitters deal with the water flow systems and piping in a complex, whereas electricians have to deal with operations that involve wiring and other electrical setups. An entry-level secondary education is a must for both these trade programs; however, one can also achieve success in this field with an advanced level of experience. The earning potential of both these professions is quite similar as well. However, electricians earn slightly more, compared to pipefitters, according to a 2012 report.
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