Masonry Jobs In The Energy Sector: Building Infrastructure For Renewable Energy

The discovery, production, transportation, and distribution of energy resources are all part of the energy sector’s business activities. Oil, gas, coal, and renewable energy sources like wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal energy are among these resources. Masons, who are essential in building structures related to energy and masonry jobs, are just one of the experts whose talents are needed to build infrastructure for the energy sector. In this article, let’s talk about masonry work in the energy industry, particularly in constructing oil, gas, and renewable energy facilities. Let’s talk about the different structures involved, the masonry abilities needed, the available masonry jobs, and the industry’s outlook going forward.

Types Of Structures In The Energy Sector

To support its activities, the energy sector has to build various structures. The following are some of the common systems in the industry:

Oil And Gas Refineries

These sizable industrial complexes transform natural gas and crude oil into various products like jet fuel, diesel, and petrol. In addition, massive concrete walls, foundations, and roofs are necessary for refineries to support the heavy machinery required during the refining process.


Long-distance oil and gas transportation uses pipelines. As a result, they call for building pump stations, metering stations, and valve stations all of which require sturdy and long-lasting masonry construction.

Power Plants

Construction apprentices learn the construction of complex structures such as power plants during construction training. Power plants utilize a variety of energy sources to produce electricity, including coal, gas, and renewable energy. Therefore, masonry structures are necessary to construct power plants’ buildings, cooling towers, and smokestacks.

Wind Turbines

Wind energy is transformed into electricity by wind turbines. To secure the towers and turbines, concrete foundations are needed.

Masonry Skills Required In The Energy Sector

To do their work well, masons in the energy sector need specialized expertise. Among the fundamental masonry skills required in the field are the following:

Concrete Mixing And Pouring

Masons must have correct mixing and pouring masonry techniques for concrete. This ability is essential for building energy-related structures’ walls, roofs, and foundations.

masonry techniques

Brick And Stone Masonry

Brick or stone masonry work is necessary for some energy-related constructions. To ensure the project’s stability and endurance, masons must know the proper way to lay bricks or stones.

Reading A Blueprint

Masons need to be able to read and understand blueprints to comprehend the project’s specs and requirements.

Safety Knowledge

Mason workers must be familiar with the safety protocols and laws that apply to the energy industry. Safety is essential since they use heavy machinery and equipment, which increases the risk of accidents and injuries.

Job Opportunities In The Energy Sector For Masons

Masons with various degrees of expertise and competence might find employment in the energy industry. Following are a few of the frequent employment options in the industry:

Masonry Laborer

This entry-level position includes lugging building supplies, mixing and pouring concrete, and cleaning construction sites.

Apprentice Mason

Mason apprentices learn their profession by working under the supervision of more seasoned masons. They perform activities like placing stones and bricks, preparing and pouring concrete, and reading designs.

Journeyman Mason

A masonry student working

Masons considered journeymen to have finished their masonry apprenticeship and accumulated years of work experience. They manage building projects, oversee laborers and apprentices, and ensure the project complies with all requirements and standards.

Masonry Estimator

Masonry estimators must create cost estimates for masonry projects. They examine project specifications, blueprints, and other data to ascertain the materials, labor, and equipment needed for a project.

In conclusion, the construction of the infrastructure required for the extraction, transportation, and distribution of oil, gas, and renewable energy is made possible by jobs in the masonry industry. Masons in this industry must be adept at working with various materials and in various settings. They are crucial to guaranteeing the security and effectiveness of energy generation. Masonry careers in the energy sector will continue to be in high demand as the globe increasingly turns to renewable energy sources.

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