How Long Does It Take To Become A Steamfitter?

Exceptional training for plumbing can help aspiring individuals kickstart their skilled trade careers. Indeed, the steam fitting industry has come a long way today. It is no doubt that the nation is slowly picking up its pace after the pandemic. So today, many technical schools in Philadelphia offer training for plumbing.

Thus, the overall demand for skilled trade professionals is sure to rise. If you plan to pursue a career in steam fitting, consider enrolling in a professional technical college today! Also, the application process for an apprenticeship program is easy to follow.

However, the career path for a steamfitter can get pretty challenging. Today, it can take anywhere around six to seven years for a student to become a journeyman steamfitter. Regardless, one can become a professional steamfitter in around 26 weeks.

How Can One Become A Journeyman Steamfitter?

If you wish to become a steamfitter, you must consider enrolling in a professional plumber training program today! Yet again, you must know a few things before entering this sector of the skilled trade industry.

The responsibilities of a steamfitter involve dealing with pipes that transport steam and other gases. Therefore, many recruiters today opt for steamfitters that have prior experience or a valid professional qualification.

With a professional plumbing qualification, one can pursue a career in either plumbing, steam fitting, or pipefitting. These programs provide students with an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on training experience in the plumbing industry. Besides, many technical colleges in Philadelphia are offering training for plumbing at quite an affordable rate.

Indeed, repairing, maintaining, and installing pipes that carry steam is not an easy task. One has to adjust to extreme temperatures, claustrophobic environments, remote areas, and irregular working schedules. In fact, due to the sharp and complex tools that steamfitters have to deal with, minor cuts and injuries are pretty frequent.

Should One Consider Enrolling In Professional Technical Colleges?

Yes, enrolling in a professional college can help an individual demonstrate a proper working knowledge of their skills. Apart from that, students are sure to get familiar with the working of the plumbing trade as well.

Another interesting fact about enrolling in a steam fitting program is that one does not require a four-year degree to join. The minimum requirement is a high-school diploma.

Today, many successful alumni work in cities that pay quite a high salary to their workers. A few of these cities include Mantua, Powelton Villagenorth Philadelphiasouth Philadelphia as well as west Philadelphia.

A few of these cities might require a plumbing license or a legal work permit. However, most cities usually require a valid qualification. So, yet again, it is a recommendation that you obtain a license to make maximum use of opportunities.

Currently, the fee for a professional plumbing program is around $18,038 approximately. You can also apply for a scholarship and other bursaries to avail of maximum discounts. The pipefitter training center also uses advanced teaching technologies. Apart from that, one can also use the educational resources and tools required to excel in this field.

What Are Some Of The Skills That A Steam Fitter Must Master?

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There are many skills that can help a steam fitter to excel in the plumbing industry. One can learn these skills in professional training for plumbing. Below is a list of a few of these skills for your convenience.

  • Exceptional Hand-Eye Coordination

Indeed, steamfitters need to have reasonable control over their visuals and hands when working on any pipeline. Thus, this way, they will be able to increase their overall productivity. Apart from that, one can also submit their work before the given deadline!

  • Good Communication Skills

As a steamfitter, you will come across many clients and customers. Thus, you will need to have good verbal and communication skills. In short, one will require to gain the trust of all their valued customers. Indeed, you will gather more working opportunities because your customers believe in your working knowledge!

  • Prior Knowledge And Expertise

Many recruiters employ professionals that have prior working experience. An apprenticeship in plumbing can turn out to be of great help when it comes to this aspect. These programs can help you gain an industry-level of exposure, thus assisting you to get familiar with the functions of a steamfitter.

  • Physical Strength

Since the job role of a steamfitter is highly demanding, one will need to be physically fit and healthy. Thus, this is because you might have to spend long hours working in uncomfortable positions. Good physical dexterity to perform even the most complicated tasks can improve your chances of getting hired.

  • Safety Skills

As a steamfitter, you will have to deal with many sharp tools and advanced equipment. Thus, minor cuts and bruises are pretty frequent, and hence, good safety training can help you overcome these challenges effectively. Nonetheless, one can learn a lot of safety sessions in technical plumber schools as well!


Indeed, as a steamfitter, you contribute quite a great deal to the smooth running of the nation. You serve your community by carrying out your responsibilities. At the moment, the overall employment rate for steamfitters and plumbers is about 5 percent.

Apart from that, this trend is most likely to continue up till 2030. Therefore, if you wish to gain this respectable position in your future career field, consider enrolling in a trade school’s plumbing program today!

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